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  • 10 Summer Activities in your Garden

    Summer is officially upon us. This is the time of the year when temperature, humidity, and fun are all on the rise! We admit, it can be nice to get away from home for your summer activities. However, it is equally nice to be able to stay home and have fun in your own backyard. Summer activities in your garden can mean different things to different people. Some prefer to relax, while others are more interested in pursuing physical activities. Not to worry! No matter what you love to do this time of year, you can find something to love on the list below! The 10 Best Garden Activities for Summer Fun #1. Croquet No longer is croquet a game for the wealthy! In fact, croquet is a fun backyard activity the whole family can get behind. Even kids love to play! If you have never tried yourself, it ... (More)
  • 8 Garden Tools Every Gardener Needs in their Wooden Garage

    Are you new to gardening, and aren’t sure which tools you need? Have you just purged your old tools during spring cleaning and want a new set? No matter what your situation, we understand your need to buy the most useful tools. Now is the best time of the year to go out and stock your wooden garage full of the implements you need to make your outdoor space a success. If you are curious about the garden tools every gardener needs in their wooden garage, stay tuned! The Top 8 Gardening Tools to Store in Your Wooden Garage #1. Gloves Any experienced gardener will tell you one of the most important gardening tools is a good pair of gloves. Many novices think they don’t need to protect their hands, but they quickly find they were wrong. Good gloves are key to enjoying your time outdoors! W... (More)
  • How to Plant Trees Near Your Log Cabin

    How do I plant trees near my log cabin? It is a question that has a somewhat obvious answer to most people. They would advise you to simply dig up the right amount of dirt and plop down the tree. While that covers the basics, there is a lot more than meets the eye. In order to successfully install this kind of landscaping, there are two things every gardener should know: where to plant a tree and what kind of tree to plant. That doesn’t even include the special considerations that takes into account! If it sounds complicated, don’t sweat it. In this article, you will learn how to plant trees near your log cabin. Location, Location, Location The very first thing to take into account is your tree’s future location. Turns out, you shouldn’t just choose a spot and start digging. In fa... (More)
  • Mobile Home Garden: The 10 Most Useful Vegetables to Plant

    Now is the time to ask yourself the all-important warm weather question: what vegetables are the most useful to plant? For those with a mobile home garden, the answer has a lot to do with personal preference. Who are we to say what is useful? Some people want to plant vegetables to keep animals away. Others are interested only in eating what their mobile home gardens produce. That is why we have put together a list of the 10 most useful vegetables in a few different categories. Unique Vegetables Why They are Useful: Unique vegetables are great for those interested in something new. They are also great for impressing your friends. #1. Achocha The achocha pods are nicknamed ‘fat babies’. Once you see them, the name makes more sense. These bite-sized veggie treats are light green and gro... (More)
  • How to Grow Vegetables Faster in a Wooden Shed Garden

    How does your garden grow? If you answered too slow, you are like the majority of people growing their own vegetable garden. Although patience is a virtue, it isn’t in high supply in the 21st century. That is why we are here to help! There are a few ways you can turn your slow growing wooden shed garden into a veggie-producing machine! Some of these tips start before you even sow your first seed. However, there are plenty of things you can do while your garden grows to maximize output. Wooden Shed Gardening Tips Choose Veggies that Grow Fast If you want results and you want them now, there is nothing easier than planting vegetables that mature quickly. Here is a quick rundown of our favorites to grow in a wooden shed garden. Salad Greens – The time between sowing and harvest is 21 da... (More)
  • A Review of the Best 8 Wood Care Products for Mobile Homes

    If you own a mobile home, you may be wondering about the best way to clean wooden interiors. There are 3 primary types that need care in modular houses: cabinets, floors, and furniture. This article will review the best 8 wood care products for mobiles homes in all 3 of the categories! Cabinets #1. Magic Cabinet and Wood Cleaner A somewhat unfamiliar brand, Magic Cabinet and Wood Cleaner works great for cabinets. It is even approved for painted wood in your mobile home kitchen. This product comes in an aerosol and a spray bottle. Both work well, but the spray bottle produces a firmer cleaner. This can come in handy if your mobile home’s wooden cabinets have deep grains. Furthermore, it leaves an extremely smooth, protective finish. #2. Method All-Purpose Spray Although not made specific... (More)
  • Skip The Commute! Work From The Comfort Office of Your Backyard

    Who doesn’t tire of the long commute to and from work? The wasted time and gas can become a headache and a financial drain. Have you ever considered the option of working from home, but in the privacy of your own solid wood, insulated office? The “work from home” buzz is not new, and there are lots of people who have made this decision work for them, their families, and their employers. Let’s take this one step further and discuss how using a wooden shed (check there wooden sheds), garage, or mobile home space as your office can be even better than working at an office or even in your actual home. Privacy Privacy is key when you need to focus on the task at hand. Privacy is a challenge in a traditional “at home” office. How can you hold a conference call or virtual meeting w... (More)
  • 10 of the Best Vegetables and Fruits For Pre-Spring Growing In Your Wooden Shed

    With winter here and it being an especially harsh one for many regions, it may seem like the planting season is a long ways away. But it doesn’t have to be. Part of having a wooden shed is owning a space where you can grow plants year round. These dwellings make excellent growing houses or greenhouses to get plants going prior to transplanting them in the spring and summer. What You Need To Know About Planting In Wooden Sheds First, it does take some preparation. You want to make sure your shed is well insulated. This keeps warm air from escaping and cold air from taking its place. Remember, plants like warmth, otherwise they freeze! Next, you will want to set up some grow lights. Sunlight is preferable, but in the colder months it just isn’t feasible to rely on sunshine. Grow lights ... (More)
  • Garden Season Is Coming! Get Your Log Cabin Ready

    One of the best parts about owning a prefab log cabin is the ability to choose everything, from the layout to the land it has been placed on, yet have so much taken care of for you. When it comes to gardening you often have to put in more work than your log cabin required and thinking of everything that has to be done before you reap the benefits. Here are some ways you can prepare your garden for the coming spring, starting today. Plan Your Garden First and foremost, you need to know what it is you plan to do with your garden. Will it be an aesthetic garden used to enhance the beauty of your log cabin using various cut bushes and flowers? A tree heavy yard where your kids can put a tire swing? A vegetable and fruit paradise where you grow your own food? It is crucial that you know before... (More)
  • Pineca team finishes the Monte Carlo Historique rally race!

    As you may probably know by now, our team is participating in the legendary Rallye Monte Carlo Historique and as the race has come to an end there are a few events to summarize. On Monday, our team was 18th out of more than 250 competitors, but unfortunately they got stuck on a snowy Alps road and lost some time, as well as qualifying points. Vincent Penel, who was driving a Simca 1100 Ti blocked the road and more than 10 participants got stuck on this unpredictable mountain trap! Among them, unfortunately was also our team… This only goes to prove how unexpected this race can be. On Tuesday, the team covered more than 300 miles – this was the hardest and longest sprint distance of the whole race, and on the next day the final part of the race began. The participants reached Col de ... (More)

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