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Monthly Archives: July 2019

  • Old Time Garden Tips

    Over time, people have embraced modern farming methods, hoping to make their gardens more productive. Though these methods are great, there are tons of old time garden tips which you can use which won’t cost you much and which will have equally great results. Light Matters We all know that plants require adequate access to water and light if they are to grow at an optimum. In this way, you need to place outdoor plants in locations where they can thrive under at least six hours of sunlight each day, though the duration differs based on the species. For indoor plants, you need to move them to the light for at least three days a week and while doing so, you should rotate them to ensure that every side gets enough light. You can also place them permanently near a south-facing window as you ... (More)
  • How to Plant Boxwood Shrubs in your Garden

    Beginners in gardening should consider planting boxwood shrubs as they require minimal maintenance and are thus a great starter crop. It has a rounded shape and thrives in the southern regions of the USA. You can grow this plant in many other areas with ease too, as long as you do so as per its requirements. Boxwood takes a considerable amount of time to mature and is dense with glossy leaves. It is thus an excellent choice for hedges as well as garden additions. Though this plant will do well with minimal maintenance, it all comes down to taking precautions during the planting stages if you want to enjoy success in its cultivation. Here is how to plant boxwood shrubs in your garden: Indoors vs. Outdoors If you wish to regulate the conditions surrounding your plant to match those in the ... (More)
  • 10 Most Beautiful Yellow Flower Species To Have In Your Garden

    People feel better about themselves and are generally happier when they are around flowers, and consequently they become positive influences on other people’s lives. It is, therefore, a good idea to have beautiful and sweet-smelling flowers in your garden such that you can have a daily dose of feel-good medicine in your backyard, adding years to your soul. Flowers are a great way to lift someone’s spirits, and that’s the reason why people offer them to people when they are sick, bereaved, and when they are going through other hard times. They are also a great way to gift someone celebrating a milestone in their life, such as a graduation. There are tons of meanings associated with flowers, and when you understand the message behind each flower type and color, you have the upper hand... (More)
  • How To Grow Vegetables And Flowers Together

    There has been a lot of change in the way people organize their gardens, and it is therefore not uncommon to see people asking for tips on how to grow vegetables and flowers together. If you are in doubt as to whether this is possible and if you will have a good harvest at the end of the season, rest assured that there will not be any adverse effects. In the past, people opted to have flowers covering the front spaces of the yards for an aesthetic effect, and the veggies would be somewhere towards the back of the yard. But there has been a move from this, seeing as veggies and flowers can grow together, allowing you to move your plants closer to the front than you would in the past. And the interesting thing about this idea is that it is not new. While many people regard it as a very rece... (More)

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