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Wooden sheds - kits


A “man cave” the whole family will love! Create the ultimate “man cave” out of our high-quality wooden sheds, garages or cabins. Believe me, you need one of these! Not only can it be the perfect place for a man to relax, it can serve multiple functions that please the whole family.  Think backyard storage shed, porch for drinks with friends or family, and even a playroom for the kids.

Our wooden sheds have an endless list of benefits. To top it all off, they come direct from our family factory with a 10-year ant-rot warranty. If you’re ready to add a versatile, multi-use space to your yard, you need to choose! Buy from with confidence and get a wooden shed that will give you much more than you bargained for. 

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  • The smallest member of our new panel shed collection; Wooden Shed Phi, is perfect for smaller yards or budgets while still providing a beautiful space for shelter or storage. The double door design gi

    Special Price: $2,199.00

    Regular Price: $2,499.00
  • We believe great durability and longevity are key when it comes to garden sheds. Therefore, we make all our sheds from slow-grown conifer that is high density with a low level of sap and knots. This m

  • All of the wood used in this building is slow grown conifer timber. After decades in the industry, we’ve found this timber to be superior for its natural rot resistance properties. This offers a far

  • The Zeta wooden shed is a timber-framed structure constructed of solid wooden panels. Therefore, it’s very easy to assemble without extensive carpentry experience. Your basic do-it-yourselfer can ha

  • The best option if you are looking to provide extra space close to your main house. This summerhouse works perfectly as the gym, art studio or just your hideaway to enjoy a cup of tea. This size shed

    Special Price: $2,299.00

    Regular Price: $2,399.00
  • Don’t see exactly what you need? Consider a custom solution!
  • Enjoy this space for years to come thanks to our slow grown timber’s natural resistance to rot. The timber frame construction is solid and reliable. We also ensure an easy installation with the use

  • The Heta garden building is made of solid, slow grown conifer timber, highly resistant to rot. This solid timber makes up the secure frame construction and adds longevity to your new shed. We use soli

  • Our 8 x 8 Wooden Shed Chi is a roomier version of the 8 x 8 Shed Beta but with additional windows to maximize the open feeling. This beautiful space fills with natural light and also works well as an

    Special Price: $2,299.00

    Regular Price: $2,399.00
  • The Sigma shed is constructed with timber-framed wooden panels that fit together seamlessly for easy and fast installation. As always, quality is our top priority and this shed is no exception. We use

  • If you are looking for a compact, yet elegant shed to put in your backyard our 12' x 8' Wooden Shed Epsilon is the one for you! This lovely summerhouse will fulfill all your needs. You can relax with

  • Another beautiful, yet compact option is our 12' X 8' Wooden Shed ALFA. 8 long windows and double doors with floor to ceiling windows maximizes the light in this space. A wonderfully balanced design t

  • A lovely sight awaits you with the Wooden Shed Barn 10 x 10. If you love the traditional look of an outdoor barn, this exclusive building design is perfect. It that takes up minimal room in your garde

    Special Price: $2,449.00

    Regular Price: $4,299.00
  • The wooden garden shed Rennes is a gorgeous, open space with lovely double French doors. It’s a fantastic size with exquisite style and high functionality. The Rennes is a highly adaptable space tha

    Special Price: $2,599.00

    Regular Price: $4,174.00
  • Constructed from slow grown conifer timber, this shed offers far better longevity than similar products you may see elsewhere. The installation is easy thanks to the use of completely solid panels tha

  • This shed offers excellent longevity over time thanks to the use of conifer timber. This wood is slow grown and offers superb insulation and a natural resistance to moisture and rot. The solid panelin

  • The Sunflower Summer House offers a wonderful space full of natural light and air. This fabulous corner shed has two large windows and double French doors that open to let the sunshine in. Imagine thi

    Special Price: $3,890.00

    Regular Price: $4,199.00
  • What a beautiful sight! Summer House Sunflower PLUS is a versatile space offering the best of both worlds. It boasts ample indoor space as well as an outdoor patio area. This fantastic structure has l

    Special Price: $4,390.00

    Regular Price: $4,700.00
  • The Wooden Shed Clockhouse is a traditional piece full of light and personality. The classic front gable is an instant focal point and a wonderful spot for an heirloom clock. This space is full of nat

  • The Poolhouse Wooden Shed has all the extras. The rustic natural wood corners ooze with extra style. Extra gorgeous lattice windows spin the light to perfection. Enjoy extra coziness on cooler nights.

    Special Price: $5,170.00

    Regular Price: $5,490.00
  • Wonderfully sized, the Wissous wooden shed has plenty of space and natural light to offer. This wooden shed also offers a fantastic degree of privacy if you prefer. It has a beautiful overhanging porc

  • The Camping Pod is a round wooden shed and the ultimate in outdoor chic. It has a lovely sloped ceiling that adds to its unique feel. The large and bright patio doors provide privacy and just the righ

    Special Price: $5,999.00

    Regular Price: $6,380.00
  • The Dreux 17 x 13 wooden shed is a modern, multi-purpose space with a classic cabin feel. Whether you want an active, quiet or guest space, you will fall for the Dreux’s sensational quality and styl

  • A natural bestseller! The Oak 20 x 10 wooden shed is less of a shed and more of a mansion! It has an abundance of open space and a collection of bright windows that draw in plenty of natural light. Us

  • The Oslo wooden shed is an attractive cabin with a truly advanced and classic style. It meets your needs in every way and is an elegant solution for storage, as an office, guest accommodations or a ho

  • The 18 x 13 Clockhouse wooden shed design provides extra space and extra style. The breathtakingly large Clockhouse wooden shed is designed to impress with its tall front and side windows and gorgeous

    Special Price: $6,420.00

    Regular Price: $7,199.00
  • The Essex wooden shed is one of our best selling flat roof styles for good reasons! Its unique flat style roof has a gorgeous compact feel for the ultimate in versatility. The huge windows and stylish

    Special Price: $6,570.00

    Regular Price: $6,749.00
  • The 17 x 17 Wissous wooden shed is easily transformed into a cheerful, relaxing space. It has a classic cottage exterior with large windows and French doors. The sunlight cascades through the windows

    Special Price: $6,599.00

    Regular Price: $6,999.00
  • The Royal wooden shed is a very special building with plenty of space and plenty of possibilities. It has one large open interior room that can be utilized for business or pleasure. Outside, a covered

  • The Dreux wooden shed is a wonderfully designed, large log cabin offering one big, practical workspace. What a fantastic sized space that offers so much potential for commercial and personal use. At 2

  • The 10 x 33 Stronghold wooden shed is a long, versatile cabin that is perfect for a wide range of uses. Perhaps you’ll use it for storage at one end and an office at the other, or a playhouse at one

    Special Price: $8,390.00

    Regular Price: $8,999.00
  • Are you looking for a modern yet compact solution for your garden space? Meet our 17’ x 10’ Insulated Home Office. Don’t be fooled by its compact size, this cabin has enough space for numerous d

    Special Price: $15,800.00

    Regular Price: $16,300.00
  • If you need some extra workspace, the 20' x 10' insulated home office might be the best for you! You can stop worrying about the commute to the office and easily work just a few steps from home. These

  • This beautiful 20 x 13 insulated home office contemporary garden structure can be used as office or an extra bedroom. The insulation situated within the SIPS panels, coupled with UPVC windows and door

    Special Price: $21,199.00

    Regular Price: $21,899.00
  • This large-size insulated home office can serve a wide variety of purposes. If you’re looking for a gym, office, or even a small guesthouse, this design is worth considering. The 23 x 13 building ha

  • Don’t see exactly what you need? Consider a custom solution!

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Tried and tested. Pineca has been in the business of manufacturing wooden sheds for over 20 years and has discovered the ideal way to craft sheds that offer not only a high-level of durability but are also highly practical for their owners. Our material of choice is slow-grow conifer timber that we have tested and concluded to be the best suited for strong, sturdy, and safe wooden buildings. We source our wood from northern Scandinavia and Siberia allowing for an authentic shed experience in your very own backyard.

Specialized Windows and Doors. One of the highest and most consistent compliments we receive tends to revolve around the quality of our windows and doors. We ensure that your wooden garden shed’s windows and doors fit securely by continually assessing the accuracy of the fit for you and ensuring only the highest standard leaves our factory. Our finger-joint technology ensures that our doors are highly resistant to moisture. We successfully reduced the chance of our doors expanding and shrinking due to exposure to moisture by at least 74%. Therefore, no more stuck doors during the humid rainy season. The doors come fit with heavy-duty hinges and secure door locks and handles. We also ensure that all window panes are manufactured out of 4mm thick glass that has not been combined with any plastic.

Safe and reliable. Our wooden sheds provide the highest level of security regardless of the circumstances the weather may throw at you. We ensure that the roof has either stable roof joists or triple gables for solid reinforcement of the structure. We secure our roof construction from the weight and wear of snow and storms by utilizing only tongue and groove roof boards. This is an added safeguard that further increases your confidence in our high-quality construction. Rest assured that your wooden shed will be more than able to care for you and your belongings.

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