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Skip The Commute! Work From The Comfort Office of Your Backyard

Who doesn’t tire of the long commute to and from work? The wasted time and gas can become a headache and a financial drain. Have you ever considered the option of working from home, but in the privacy of your own solid wood, insulated office?

The “work from home” buzz is not new, and there are lots of people who have made this decision work for them, their families, and their employers. Let’s take this one step further and discuss how using a wooden shed (check there wooden sheds), garage, or mobile home space as your office can be even better than working at an office or even in your actual home.


Privacy is key when you need to focus on the task at hand. Privacy is a challenge in a traditional “at home” office. How can you hold a conference call or virtual meeting when the dog is barking or the kids are crying? It can quickly become a stressful and frustrating situation when your environment is not quiet and professional. Now, consider the benefits of being in your own space, secluded from the activity in your home, but still steps from your back door. It is truly the best of both worlds.


There are countless ways to save costs by working from a garden office. Obviously, you save on monthly office rent. There is no landlord to pay at the end of the month. This can come in handy especially if your business is new and you are just building your clientele. You can also save on computer fees. Use your own laptop and seamlessly take it from home to your back yard. You can also tap into the Wi-Fi from your home. Of course, this will depend on the proximity of your garden office to your home but for most of us, the distance is small enough that you can still fully access your home’s Wi-Fi Internet.

Eat at Home

Eating lunch out everyday adds up quickly and brown bagging it is not always convenient. What if you walked across the yard and made a sandwich from your very own kitchen? Not only will eating at home save you money but it will give you the ability to eat with loved ones. If you have a spouse and children at home you can pop in for a quick bite to eat with them and then slip back to your office in no time.


The ability to work for a few hours and not even think about traffic is ideal! Need to make a quick call to a client but you left their file on your desk? No problem! Walk across the grass instead of speeding across town to your office. Have a client who needs a quick consultation? You can have the consult complete in the same amount of time it would take you just to drive to your office. What if you have a client from overseas whose time zone is the opposite of yours? Call them in your pajamas from the comfort of your garden office. Clients appreciate flexibility and you can more easily offer it when you work from your own space, in your own yard.

Think outside the box and outside the standard office! Seriously consider the benefits to working from home in your own wooden garden building. It’s truly a trend that’s hitting home.

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  • I'd like for u to send me a catalogue of your pineca products please I like the work and the lovely cabbins , sheds , etc. They look wonderful

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