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Pre-Fab Wooden Garages


Protecting your car from the elements is an absolute must, and now Pineca has the best way to do it. Pineca offers top of the line, high-quality, wooden garages crafted by true experts in manufacturing. Our wooden garages are made from slow-grown, natural conifer timber. Slow-grown natural conifer wood has a far longer lifespan than other wood varieties. Its longevity ensures your premade garage will have superior durability over other wooden structures made from an alternative timber.
Another reason to select a Pineca wooden garage is simply our expertise. After decades in the industry, we have tried and tested alternatives until we have settled on the very best materials and construction techniques.

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  • Keep your car protected with the Classic Wooden Carport. This beautiful, wooden structure offers protection for your car, truck or other vehicle. It keeps the snow and rain away and also offers protec

  • Give yourself twice the space with the 20 x 20 Classic Double wooden carport. Perfect for shielding your favorite two vehicles, or perhaps a very large one, from nature’s elements. The slowly grown

  • For those who need a little more space, the 20 X 25 wooden Classic Double Carport + Shed is the perfect choice! Enjoy the protected area for two cars (or something larger) with the addition of a shed.

    Special Price: $5,899.00

    Regular Price: $6,199.00
  • The 16 x 20 Wooden Garage Barn Mezzanine offers wonderful flexibility to make this generous space your own. A perfect representation of the classic garage, it’s simply stunning. The Barn Mezzanine w

  • A lovely wooden garage that will fit in beautifully with the natural environment; the Low Barn wooden garage is truly a triumph. Created in traditional barn style, it impresses at first glance. It wil

  • Don’t see exactly what you need? Consider a custom solution!
  • The 20 x 20 Wooden Garage is absolute perfection. The gorgeous barn doors come with fully forged metal frames and open wide for maximum access, or if you prefer a rolling garage door you can add that

  • With a beautiful barn-style roof and huge barn doors, the 20 x 20 Barn wooden garage’s meticulous design combines traditional with contemporary. A stunning space with plenty of room to protect your

  • The Rock wooden garage is a fantastic double wooden garage that gives you plenty of options. If you have multiple cars or vehicles then this has the space you need. If you just need to protect one veh

    Special Price: $9,629.00

    Regular Price: $10,999.00
  • Many garages are made from unattractive metal or concrete, but yours doesn’t have to be! With the Double wooden garage you have a secure space as well as a stunning structure with natural beauty. Pe

    Special Price: $9,719.00

    Regular Price: $10,999.00
  • The Hangar wooden garage is a fabulous building large enough to meet your every need. The 23 x 30 Hangar wooden garage is a huge space that will protect two cars with plenty of space for tools, garden

    Special Price: $12,059.00

    Regular Price: $13,399.00
  • Don’t see exactly what you need? Consider a custom solution!

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Hangar wooden Garage

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Full-service Options. If installation is not one of your strong points, don’t worry! Our industry professionals will expertly lay your foundation, assemble, and insulate your structure, fit plumbing and electricity, and set up roof shingles on any of our wooden garages. In fact, they will even perform painting on the structure as well. All consultations for the foundation, installation, size of the building or any other queries can be done entirely free of charge, in order to ensure your peace of mind.

Attention to Detail.The secret to our prized construction can be traced back to our factory and the way we create our wooden garages. We use extremely precise workmanship throughout the entire process of creating your dream garage. We start at the beginning with the foundation and the main frame of the structure, then working our way out to the finishing pieces we ensure every section if error free and of the highest quality. These structures owe their strength and longer lifespan to the immense attention to detail given at each stage of the manufacturing process, all the way to the door locks, hinges, and handles that help keep you and your valuables safe.

Sturdy Double Garage Door.If there is one thing that all construction experts can agree on, it’s that the doors to your wooden garage should not be skimped on. Garage doors have a multitude of functions from honing your thermal insulation, to performing consistently on a daily basis through an immense range of temperatures and exposure to the elements. If special attention is not paid to your garage door it could collapse in on itself and become warped or deformed. Therefore, our doors come reinforced with metal frames and brackets for extra protection and added peace of mind.

Sag-resistant Roof Construction. The roof to your prebuilt wooden garage needs to be strong, durable, and able to protect you and your belongings. All our roofs come with 2.59” x 5.11” roof joists and can also feature triple vault roof construction that diminishes sagging. This ensures your wooden garage has far greater safety and lifespan than other models.

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