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  • How much does it cost to install a wooden house?

    A wooden house is somewhere to live that gives off a particular kind of rustic charm. They are a place where you can vacation with family, friends or alone, anywhere to live for part of the year or whole year. Living in a log house is a lifestyle to be enjoyed. The pricing of wooden cabins varies depending on the size and type you are looking to purchase. A small cottage could set you back around $9000, or a massive two-storey house can price up to $50,000. Let’s take a look at what cabin you can get in your price range. Small Wooden Houses The smallest option is a 15 x 20 cabin, with the price of $14,690. For this price, you get a mezzanine floor for added space. A 20 x 17 option has the amount of $9,199. Not too expensive, and it is somewhere that is small and cozy. Anywhere to escape... (More)
  • Types of garden buildings and what to choose?

    Your back garden is a place where you can escape your world and relax. With all the technology and noise in the world sometimes you need a break from it; you do not always have enough time to go out of town, so a good alternative is to spend some time in your garden. A garden building can help boost your relaxation by a significant margin. There are many different types of buildings on the market, so how do you choose the right one? Log cabins and sheds: These buildings are multifunctional which can provide extra room in your home and also add an elegant touch to your back garden. They can be used as a gym, an office, as a sauna or any other function you might think of. Log cabins are well-ventilated so they can safely be used as a playhouse or gym. Many people work from home, which mean... (More)
  • The History of Log Cabins

    Log cabins may have become very popular recently, however they have been around for thousands of years. Log cabins have a vast history and are known to have existed for thousands of years. No doubt, over time, they have evolved to a more modern look, as earlier they were just a small shelter from the elements. Everyone knows about the pros of residential lodges that are built today, although how many of us know their past? In this blog, we will explore the history of the log cabin. It is thought that the first timber lodges were built as early as 5000 years ago in Northern Europe. Some believe that they appeared in America in the 1630s, built by the Scandinavians who had come to colonize the area, which was later known as Delaware. Some think that the McIntyre Garrison (York, Maine), cons... (More)
  • 10 Tips For Reducing The Energy Costs In Your Prefab Log Home

    Having a prefab log home is great. It is a gorgeous home to have, with rich, natural tones. It is environmentally more friendly than many of the non biodegradable materials found in modern houses, and sturdier as well. With greener chemicals for staining and recycled lumber you can lessen your impact while ending up with the perfect dwelling. But one thing that isn’t so swell with any house, wooden or not, is the cost of energy to power it. Thankfully there are many ways you can reduce those. 1. Add a New Damper To Your Chimney - So much air escapes out of your chimney, you would be amazed at how much it is costing you. Blocking it off entirely is the last thing most people want to do, as a roaring fire in a log cabin is a dream of many. Instead you should invest in a new damp that ca... (More)
  • How to decorate your log cabin in a country farm style

    7 ways to decorate your log cabin in a country farm style Our life has become so influenced by high-tech electronic gadgets and modern lifestyle that one frequently finds it difficult to detach oneself from the modern environment of the office. When we're at work, we are surrounded by minimalistic modern style and we tend to project this environment on to our home environment. As a result, our home environment is not that different from the office one, it is just that the laptop is replaced by a plasma TV. Such minimalistic lifestyle becomes even more burdensome when you come back after a vacation where you have spent days and nights in a cozy cottage or a farmhouse. No doubt, farm style makes us feel relaxed and takes us back in time. Have you ever thought how wonderful it would be to re... (More)
  • Myths about log cabins

    A house constructed from logs is only suitable for holidays and weekends Log cabins are as good for living as any other buildings made from other types of materials. They are cozy, warm and perfect for using as a permanent residence. The only difference from any other building is the material used to build it. Log cabins can easily burn down Timber is used for different purposes and even though it is flammable, there are special treatments with non-combustible materials which prevent the wood from burning. In terms of combustibility, they are no different than houses constructed from brick. A wooden house has a short lifespan Looking at the real history and facts of this leads us to discover that even today we can find wooden houses which were built 600 years ago and with today's tech... (More)
  • Well in your yard near the log cabin

    If you have a log cabin in your garden, most likely you would like to plant some organics (cucumbers, tomatoes or anything that grows in the ground!) Sure enough, water supply is the most crucial part of the whole process and often this might be a problem – what are the alternatives if a pond is absent in your garden or there is no centralized water supply? Well the answer is quite simple – it is a well! Depending on the type of construction, a well can be classed as a borehole, or a tubular or traditional well which are dug by hand. However, before proceeding with any of this, it is crucial to landscape your garden and discover the location where the water comes closest to the surface. You can achieve this in a number of ways – some people believe that animals gather closer to the... (More)
  • Pallet Beds in a log cabin!

    Over 30% of our life is spent in bed sleeping, which is why your bed is an important part of your log cabin interior. This means that your bed must be both comfortable and stylish. Having a sleek-looking bed does not have to be very expensive, have a look at this idea for a bed made out of wooden pallets. For the bed you will need: 2 Wooden Pallets 6 Trolley Wheels 2 Joint Panels Screws A matching mattress to the size of the pallet Firstly, you will need to make sure that the pallets are the same length and size. Secondly, rub the pallets with sand paper making it smooth and ensuring that the wood will not damage your mattress or scratch you. Then coat the pallets with a varnish for wooden surfaces or stain it with any color you like. Joint the pallets using the joint panels.  Attach th... (More)
  • How to maintain a wooden fence for a log cabin

    Tom Sawyer (the eponymous hero of the Mark Twain novels) said that painting a fence can be a very satisfying activity. And he was right; a nicely painted fence adds a natural charm to the surroundings and emphasizes the charm of the house itself. However, fences around the log cabins are painted not only with the purpose of making them pleasant to the eye, but also to protect the wood from natural rot and mold. Natural wood left unpainted can crack and split after some time, so it is essential to repaint a fence every 5-6 years. The paint, obviously, should be environmentally friendly and not cause any harm to people's or animals’ health. Initial arrangements Before going ahead with painting it is recommended that you remove dust from the fence, to treat it with antiseptic and level i... (More)

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