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Monthly Archives: February 2018

  • 7 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Mobile Home with Earth Tones

    If you are searching for mobile home décor inspiration, simply look out your front door! Let nature’s floor be your muse. Shades of brown, neutral, gray, green, and red can be used to accent any mobile home’s interior space. If you are interested in creative ways to use earth tones to decorate your mobile home, stay tuned! This article will give you 7 unique ways to celebrate Earth’s warm palette. 7 Tips for a Down to Earth Mobile Home Tip #1: Hang Some Artwork Make sure to keep the artwork’s size proportionate to the wall where it will hang. The more narrow the wall, the smaller the artwork. Conversely, the wider the wall, the bigger your artwork should be. If you want to add graphic art to your mobile home (click here) interior, think about large wall hangs. They can be purchas... (More)
  • Winterizing Your Log Cabin

    Log Cabins are wonderful gathering places for families across the world. Cabins are cozy spots perfect for rest and relaxation but they also require routine maintenance to keep them functioning and in great condition. The harsh conditions of winter can quickly wreak havoc on any cabin that has not been properly winterized. Let’s take a look at the key elements to performing a complete winterization of your log cabin so when you return in the spring you won’t have any surprises. Plumbing The first item on most people’s list is plumbing. It makes sense that if the temperatures outside are freezing or below water should not be hanging around in your cabin’s pipes. The pipes and water heater need to be thoroughly drained to avoid freezing and cracking of pipes. Turn off the water sup... (More)
  • A Review of the Best 8 Wood Care Products for Mobile Homes

    If you own a mobile home, you may be wondering about the best way to clean wooden interiors. There are 3 primary types that need care in modular houses: cabinets, floors, and furniture. This article will review the best 8 wood care products for mobiles homes in all 3 of the categories! Cabinets #1. Magic Cabinet and Wood Cleaner A somewhat unfamiliar brand, Magic Cabinet and Wood Cleaner works great for cabinets. It is even approved for painted wood in your mobile home kitchen. This product comes in an aerosol and a spray bottle. Both work well, but the spray bottle produces a firmer cleaner. This can come in handy if your mobile home’s wooden cabinets have deep grains. Furthermore, it leaves an extremely smooth, protective finish. #2. Method All-Purpose Spray Although not made specific... (More)
  • Skip The Commute! Work From The Comfort Office of Your Backyard

    Who doesn’t tire of the long commute to and from work? The wasted time and gas can become a headache and a financial drain. Have you ever considered the option of working from home, but in the privacy of your own solid wood, insulated office? The “work from home” buzz is not new, and there are lots of people who have made this decision work for them, their families, and their employers. Let’s take this one step further and discuss how using a wooden shed (check there wooden sheds), garage, or mobile home space as your office can be even better than working at an office or even in your actual home. Privacy Privacy is key when you need to focus on the task at hand. Privacy is a challenge in a traditional “at home” office. How can you hold a conference call or virtual meeting w... (More)
  • A shed for her

    A She Shed vs. A Man Cave For eons of time men have staked claim on their need for man caves, but what about the ladies? Don’t they have just as much right to a sacred space devoted solely to their hobbies or interests? The answer is a resounding “yes!” Welcome to the “She Shed.” More about wooden sheds here. What is a She Shed? Backyard sheds around the world are being revamped, redecorated, and repurposed into simple sanctuaries fit for a lady. The purpose of a She Shed is exactly the same as a Man Cave. It is a quiet space, free from distraction and full of what makes one happy. Whether it’s art, music, yoga or reading, She Sheds are a trend that’s hitting home—your guest home that is. Can I Afford a She Shed? A She Shed doesn’t have to be costly. If you have an exist... (More)
  • Winter: A Perfect Time to Plan Where to Build Your Mobile Home

    Are you thinking of building a mobile home this year? Do you have an idea of where you want to build it? No idea at all? Deciding where to put a modular home is a big deal, and it can be time consuming. There are quite a few things to take into consideration. In fact, if you begin right now you might just be ready by summer! While we are still in the grip of winter, take advantage of the cold temperatures by planning where to build your mobile home. Look into Local Laws When planning where to build your mobile home, take local building codes into account. Different countries, states, municipalities, and counties all have different rules when it comes to where and what you can build. That is why it is extremely important to start looking into local laws right now. Codes can dictate everyth... (More)
  • 10 of the Best Vegetables and Fruits For Pre-Spring Growing In Your Wooden Shed

    With winter here and it being an especially harsh one for many regions, it may seem like the planting season is a long ways away. But it doesn’t have to be. Part of having a wooden shed is owning a space where you can grow plants year round. These dwellings make excellent growing houses or greenhouses to get plants going prior to transplanting them in the spring and summer. What You Need To Know About Planting In Wooden Sheds First, it does take some preparation. You want to make sure your shed is well insulated. This keeps warm air from escaping and cold air from taking its place. Remember, plants like warmth, otherwise they freeze! Next, you will want to set up some grow lights. Sunlight is preferable, but in the colder months it just isn’t feasible to rely on sunshine. Grow lights ... (More)
  • Garden Season Is Coming! Get Your Log Cabin Ready

    One of the best parts about owning a prefab log cabin is the ability to choose everything, from the layout to the land it has been placed on, yet have so much taken care of for you. When it comes to gardening you often have to put in more work than your log cabin required and thinking of everything that has to be done before you reap the benefits. Here are some ways you can prepare your garden for the coming spring, starting today. Plan Your Garden First and foremost, you need to know what it is you plan to do with your garden. Will it be an aesthetic garden used to enhance the beauty of your log cabin using various cut bushes and flowers? A tree heavy yard where your kids can put a tire swing? A vegetable and fruit paradise where you grow your own food? It is crucial that you know before... (More)
  • 10 Things to Avoid When Installing Wooden Garage Flooring

    Garage floors can be tricky. Unlike flooring in homes, they need to be able to withstand a considering amount of tough wear and tear, such as several tons of automobile regularly going in and out of it. Not to mentions tools, project spaces, oil and other fluid can be a minefield of potential damage. Like wooden garages themselves, the floor needs to be treated carefully. If you are considering installing a new garage floor, you need to be sure to avoid certain common mistakes. Don’t Improperly Prepare Your Floor Before Applying Epoxy - Most flooring, unless it is poured concrete, is going to require some epoxy to secure it. You can’t just lay it down, however. Flooring has to be properly taken care of and prepared before laying epoxy down. That includes any time you may w... (More)
  • How to create a cozy log cabin interior

    When looking for a new home you are looking for something you would enjoy from inside and outside and definitely log cabin can grant you with all. It does not make any difference where the log cabin is build in the woods or in the metropolitan area as it keeps specific atmosphere under any circumstances. The feel of the nature and experience of the comfortable daily life is the biggest benefit of the wooden houses. No doubt that the target of interior finish is to keep the cozy look and it can be achieved in different ways.  Moreover there are quite a lot of different thing which you have to go through to decide what the interior in the cabin should be. The process can be quite easy and we have prepared the simple tips which will assist to achieve the best result. So lets go through the ... (More)

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