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DIY Water Fountain Ideas That Will Save You Major Time and Money

Water fountains are lovely and they add life to outdoor spaces. What’s more, with the backdrop of a log cabin, they make for picturesque sights. Plus, having constant flowing water adds to the ambiance of any space, making it feel relaxing. You can thus spend hours on end staring at the fountain as you feel the serenity sinking in. Adding outdoor lights which shine on the water fountains is a sure way of making those outdoor dinners all the more special.

With all these benefits, having a water fountain feels like a great idea. And you can quickly get one from the store. However, you can save tons of money by making one alone or with the help of your loved ones. In this way, you can craft something that speaks to your preferences and saves you money. Additionally, making one is easy and it increases the amount of time spent in the outdoors. It is a win-win situation and here are some ideas to help you in this regard:

Clay Pot Fountain

If you wish to enjoy a lovely fountain without investing much in time and money, this is the way to go. It is uncomplicated and it results in a gorgeous display that will brighten up your outdoors. You make a pyramid of sorts by having large pots at the lower levels and adding small ones at the top. In this way, the water cascades from one pot to the other, creating a flow that will be sure to catch your eye.

Using flower pots for this fountain is also a welcome idea.

Stacked Stones

Using pots is a great idea, but you could even go simpler by stacking stones on each other using a clear adhesive. As is the case with the pots, the large pieces will form the base while the smaller ones will be at the top. Have an underwater pump to feed the fountain and watch the water flow down the stones continuously. It is cheap and its simple look will add to the natural beauty of your outdoors.

Water Jug Fountain

As opposed to going for the regular water jug fountain look, you can add some life to your setup by using some creativity. Have one jug feeding another jug which drains into a bucket. In this way, it will look as if the operation takes place through some form of magic. All you need for this is a fence to hold the first jug and a pole for the second. Stones around the bucket will add to the stability of the setup.

For this fountain, you can also use tea jugs for a rustic look. It will have an edgy appearance which, when coupled with the beauty of the outdoors, is sure to leave an impression on your guests.

Concrete Fountain

Now, here is something that you have likely come across before, only that it has a twist. As opposed to having a concrete base and having a fountain as the setup, you can go a step further. Start by creating a garden pond and lining it with stones. It does not have to be big or fancy and you can use your creativity to enhance the design. It takes a few tools to get it right. From here, you can create a layer of concrete structures such that at the top, you can connect a pump for added aesthetic effects. The water flows from the top layer to the pond, completing the picture. When selecting hues and textures, go for rustic vibes as they will further enhance the appeal of the fountain.

Bamboo Cutting Fountain

You could opt for an even more natural look by using a cutting from a bamboo tree. All you have to do is to create a setup with a wide pot and fill it with stones. From here, set the cutting in a way such that it lies horizontal to the pot. You can now connect it to a homemade pump such that water flows from the cutting and into the pot. The setting will be so simple and natural that people will be in awe. And the good thing is that it will not set you back much when it comes to your time and money.

Urn Fountain

Urns come in handy for lots of things. Did you ever think that you could make a fountain from them? If not, here is the chance to do so. The result is simplistic, and it will add to the beauty of your space. When choosing an urn, be sure to get one whose color is in line with the theme of your yard.

For this project, you will need to create a reservoir and underground pump. Once these two are in place, you can now connect the pump to the urn using a trap door and blocks. The urn should have some rocks around it to provide stability as the water cascades over it. Guests to your home will be quite impressed with this simplistic fountain.

Patio Fountain

Add some beauty to your log cabin by having a fountain at the front. For this, you will need a fountain kit, some river rocks, a bucket, a large pot, and a hardware cloth. The water will flow constantly covering the stones, creating something close to what you would see down by the river. The complete picture is quite soothing, and you will enjoy how wonderfully it all comes together.

Mushroom Fountain

Mushrooms are lovely and with their curvy nature they make for ideal fountain sources. For this project, you will require mushroom heads and wooden logs. The logs will come in handy for use as the stems to provide support to the heads. The water will flow from the heads at a slow rate such that it looks like raindrops falling from the plants. It creates the illusion of a rainy afternoon and with some water at the base the picture comes together. You can line the bottom of the stems with some pebbles where water can collect as this adds to the vibrancy of the setup.

Get to save money as you take your creativity to the next level with these water fountain ideas. All the best of luck!

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