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Mobile Home Garden: The 10 Most Useful Vegetables to Plant

Now is the time to ask yourself the all-important warm weather question: what vegetables are the most useful to plant? For those with a mobile home garden, the answer has a lot to do with personal preference. Who are we to say what is useful? Some people want to plant vegetables to keep animals away. Others are interested only in eating what their mobile home gardens produce. That is why we have put together a list of the 10 most useful vegetables in a few different categories.


Unique Vegetables

Why They are Useful: Unique vegetables are great for those interested in something new. They are also great for impressing your friends.

#1. Achocha

The achocha pods are nicknamed ‘fat babies’. Once you see them, the name makes more sense. These bite-sized veggie treats are light green and grow on the vine. They also have soft little spikes growing out them. If allowed, these trundles will cover your mobile home exterior.

Achocha tastes like a mix of green bell pepper and cucumber. In fact, these little guys are perfect to garnish a salad whole. If you do, your meal is guaranteed to impress. They also taste great in stir-fry.

#2. Romanesco Broccoli

If you really want to impress guests, pull out the romanesco broccoli. This gorgeous lime green veggie boasts a head made of edible swirls and spikes. To dress up your mobile home garden, disperse this broccoli among other plants to enhance the aesthetics.

#3. Kohlrabi

Do you want to add a purple talking piece to your garden? Do you like cabbage? If you answered yes to either of these questions, consider adding kohlrabi to your mobile home garden plan. This weird looking plant tastes great roasted or raw.

The Classics

Why They are Useful: These vegetables are called classic for a reason! Most people like to eat these plants, so they are great to give out as gifts.


#4. Tomatoes

No mobile home garden is complete without the classic tomato. Although technically a fruit, we don’t buy it. Besides, it is the vegetable most people begin a garden to grow! The best part is that you can grow these delicious red orbs in containers. No need to waste precious planting space!

If you decide to try your hand at tomatoes, watch out for tomato horn worm. They look like caterpillars and can be manually removed. Also keep an eye out for blight, as it is common among this veg.

#5. Spinach

To get as strong as Popeye, you have to eat your spinach! Great in salads, sautés, and stir-fries, spinach is a mobile home garden winner. Bonus points for growing something extremely healthy! These easy to grow leaves contain nutrients that reduce the risk of heart attack.

#6. Carrots

Although carrots are more of a cool weather vegetable, they are one of the most popular edibles among children and adults alike. What is a roast without carrots? What would you eat instead of chips? These bright orange roots are no doubt a delicious addition to the mobile home garden.

Did you know they are also nutritious? Carrots contain beta carotene, one of the few known nutrients to promote eye health. Harvest this root when it is on the small side for the juiciest flavor.


Easiest to Grow

Why They are Useful: Beginner and advanced mobile home gardeners enjoy an easy to grow veggie every now and then. You don’t need to challenge yourself every year.

#7. Leafy Greens

This category covers delicacies such as kale, collard greens, lettuce, and more. Leafy greens are extremely easy to grow in your mobile home garden. Not only that, they are guaranteed healthy! Calcium, vitamin B6, and iron are nothing to scoff at!

To give your greens the greatest chance of survival, there are some common issues to watch out for. The first is cabbage worms. These nasty little things should be taken care of ASAP. The second potential problem is too much heat. They will literally boil to death.

#8. Potatoes

Another mobile home vegetable garden favorite that is easy to grow is potatoes. Who doesn’t love this multi-use starch? You can either grow this root plant underground, or you can use potato bags to track their progress in real time.


Although this veggie is simple to take care of, it isn’t exactly a fast bloomer. Potatoes can take anywhere from 10-20 weeks to fully develop. You’ll know when it is ready by the yellowing and dying leaves. If using a bag, this is the time to empty the contents and rummage for taters!

#9. Onions and Garlic

Some people hate onions. Some people hate garlic. Hardly anyone hates both onion and garlic.

Try to think of a recipe that doesn’t include one or the other! Onions and garlic are both extremely useful for the everyday chef. Despite being two of the most utilized vegetables, they aren’t common in many mobile home gardens. It’s a shame, because they are shamefully simple to grow.

Literally all you have to do is plant an individual garlic clove or onion bulb. They both need well-drained soil, but you can count on a yield in the spring and the fall. You can tell they are ready for digging up when the leaves turn yellow and die.

#10. Runner Beans

Runner beans are some of the easiest vegetables to grow. That’s why this type of bean is great for children to raise. They learn the joy of taking care of something, all while being able to eat it in the end! You can even plant them in pots, because they grow upright with vines.


To What Use Will You Put Your Mobile Home Garden?

Whether you grow unique, easy, or classic vegetables, we have an edible for you! In fact, we have 10! No matter what your preferences, we hope you got some great ideas about how to put your mobile home garden to work for you.

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