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Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Good weather is something that we all look forward to as there is a lot that we can do when the sun is shining down on us. We get to take off those bulky jackets and lay on the lawn. It is also time to start gardening in readiness for the new season. So pleasant is this weather that we can finally have those barbecues we’ve been putting off all through the winter. Yes, we can finally sit back and enjoy the beauty of our wooden houses. But that’s not all that you can do when the warm weather comes.

You also get the chance to eat outside as much as you would like. It helps you bond with your family as you chat away and prepare meals with each other. And you can decorate the outdoors such that your kitchen feels like a part of your home. Here, you can make both lunches and dinners. You can also make breakfast here. The good thing is that there are many designs which you can use to enhance your outdoor kitchen appearance. And they work for different styles while elevating the aesthetics of wooden sheds. Here is what you can do:

Barbecue Station

People love barbecue and not just for the excellent meat, but also for the lively conversation around such occasions. Some people go to these events for the social aspects, rather than the food. Thus, having a great station will enable them to relax and talk about what’s been happening in their lives.

When designing the station, be sure to make one that accommodates all the people who love to take part in the cooking process. If you have a large group, you are better off coming up with something a little more permanent and one of high-quality. Thus, those preparing, as well as those commenting on the food, can have enough room. Also, having adequate space reduces the chances of accidents.

You could have some dark wood in the design, coupled with some stonework for stability. This way, the setup will be of good quality and will be appealing to anyone who sees it. Having stainless steel in the design increases its durability and it makes any subsequent cleanup easier. Plus, steel offers a contrast to the metal and the wood, creating an appealing aesthetic.

For the countertops, go with dark tiles which will add to the vibrancy of the setup. Thus, the station will not appear dull and will blend in with surroundings, including your wooden shed. Finishing up with a sink and grill will enable you to have a complete setup which you can use at any time of the day and importantly it is sure to add to the value of your home.

Outdoor Bar

Designing an outdoor bar may seem like a venture that would set you back a lot of money. However, this is not the case, as you can use what is readily available. For this design, you can use corrugated metal, reinforced with some wood. This structure will not set you back much, and you can enjoy a couple of drinks with your friends here over the summer. In addition, given the protection around you, this space also comes in handy when the weather is cold.

Listening to the rain beating down on the metal is quite soothing, and you may find yourself rushing to the bar at the first sign of rain. Using corrugated metal might have you thinking that the setup would take away from the beauty of the outdoors. However, as long as you do it right, your space should look great in the end.

Have a couple of lights at the top to enhance the appearance of the setup. It also helps to have wood accents on the countertops. Not much work is necessary when setting up such a bar, and you should finish up in hours. You can then stock it and await the arrival of your loved ones who will have a hard time leaving, with the warm weather and all.

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen

Suppose you want to do more with the kitchen space than barbecue, you can opt for this idea. It looks shabby and chic and is quite welcoming to any cook. For the walls, you can use whitewashed brick as it feels aged and gives off a comforting welcome. Gray colors work for the counters and you can finish off with a brick floor. All of these elements work great together. As is the case with the barbecue, you should consider how many people you intend to have working in this space. You should also make allowances for the appliances that you wish to have in this space. In this way, you can reduce the chances of an accident.

Prep Station

Where you lack adequate space for your kitchen, you can opt to station your prep area outside. Here you can arrange the items you need as per compartments. It creates a minimalist yet eye-catching design that is sure to impress those who visit your home. You can have your grill and water dispenser on the lower side while leaving the upper area for the decorations. Be sure not to use too many ornaments as they could take away focus from the grill and dispenser. You can also opt to have other items in the prep station according to your preferences.

Outdoor Pizza Oven

Yes, we love pizza, more so when made traditionally and you can do this from the comfort of your outdoors. This design is in line with the southwest kitchen. It follows what you would find in any kitchen with the welcome addition of the outdoor pizza oven. When making this station, you will follow through with what you would do in a traditional kitchen with beautiful countertops and high-quality appliances and tiled floors. Then create a space for the oven at the far end, with a wood storage area at its bottom. You can now bake as many pizzas as you want and watch as people stream in for a bite of that traditional feel. Yum!

What other kitchen ideas can you think of to make eating outside all the more special?

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