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Monthly Archives: November 2017

  • What You Need To Know About Your Wooden Shed Exterior

    A wooden shed is a beautiful addition to your property. It looks good, has multiple purposes and the value added to your home far outweighs the investment of putting one up. But all of that work and money is lost if you fail to properly care for your shed and it is more than just making sure it doesn’t burn down. Wood requires regular upkeep to make sure it remains beautiful, functional and free of damage that can alter the overall structure of the shed. Here are the things you need to know to care for your wooden shed the right way. What Materials Are Best? First, consider the wood you will use for your shed. Most lower end wooden sheds (check there wooden sheds) are built with plywood, which is chosen because it is cost effective, easy to work with and easy/cheap to replace. The downs... (More)
  • Wooden Garage Door Maintenance

    A well-maintained garage door is key to a long life of a garage. This is the part that will be used the most and will have most wear and tear, therefore it has to be looked after properly. Wooden garage  doors are especially important in heated garages, as this is where most of the cold air will come through if it is not in mint condition. Even if the garage is not heated, cracked or broken seals will allow dust and draft into the garage. In many house designs, the garage will be situated under a room, and if there is cold air coming into the garage, this will also affect the overall warmth and heating bills of the house. The first step of maintaining your garage door is cleaning it! If your garage door is made from steel, you might occasionally find some rust on it, in which case it wil... (More)
  • Creating a Work and Rest Space In Your Log Cabin With a Winter Garden

    The snow is weeks away from falling and your garden is probably dead already. The frost hit hard and heavy this year, leaving carefully cultivated yards struggling to grow through the chill. You are getting ready to hole up in your log cabin and beat out the frigid days. Now you have to wait until spring before you can even begin thinking of enjoying a garden again, right? Actually, can create a winter garden that gives you everything you want in a work or relaxation space. What Is a Winter Garden? Depending on who you ask, a winter garden is an outdoor or indoor space that has all the benefits of a garden that you can enjoy, without having to give it up once the cold months come along. If you are a garden lover it is a great way to have one all year round, not just when the sun ... (More)
  • Constructing a porch for your log cabin

    Things to remember when you construct a porch in a log cabin A porch can add a magical touch to your log cabin and fill your life with magical moments: You can stay out in the porch and enjoy the change of seasons, feel the warm sun rays on your face on a summer morning and cool wind on autumn evenings, and feel the night breeze while watching the stars falling down on a crystal night. What could be more magical than these moments you can cherish in your memory forever? This is what makes a porch one of the favorite places for the homeowners. Log cabin owners love to incorporate different types of porches as it allows them to get closer to the beauty of nature. In fact, the size of the porch does not matter: a small porch can be as charming and beautiful as a large porch. You just need t... (More)
  • Planning the Proper Foundation and Finishing For Your Wooden Shed

    There is a common saying that a house without a strong foundation can’t weather a storm. Why do people fail to realize that the same can be said about smaller structures, like a wooden shed? Many instances of people’s sheds being destroyed due to strong wind or pummeled with snow in wintertime can be seen and it all comes down to the same issue: those wooden sheds were not built on a strong foundation or finished as well as they should have been. Properly Caring For Wooden Sheds Metal sheds are easier to install and maintain because they don’t really require any work to be constructed. They mostly come prefabricated, they have their own settings to slam into the ground and keep it anchored and metal withstands most inclement weather. But there are downsides. Metal sheds are ugly eye... (More)
  • Building a Wooden Carport

    If you are tired of seeing your car covered with bird feces, leaves, dust and dirt and do not have enough space for a garage – a wooden carport is the best solution for you. Carports are free standing structures that are normally used for vehicle protection. Moreover, if you decide to sell your house a carport will increase the value or you can simply pack it away and take it with you, too. There are two ways to go about the building procedure of a carport – you can either build it from scratch or buy one in a kit form online. Carports are normally made of wood as well as metal, however we can all agree that the timber one looks better. An important factor to the whole procedure is getting the right permit to build – your county will assist with that. Each county has their own rule... (More)
  • Want a Wooden Garage? Here Is What You Need To Know About Wooden Walls

    A major trend in the real estate world is the wooden garage. Attractive and a little more costly than metal models, people are viewing it as an investment for multiple reasons. Most people will ask how much they cost and leave it at that (between $800 and $5000 on average, depending on size, style and customization). But there are some other things you should really know before you get one of these lovely structures. Wood Requires Upkeep The first thing to keep in mind is that wooden garages don’t stay naturally cared for. With metal walls you are pretty much only obligated to occasionally wipe them down to keep pollutants and allergens at bay. But a wooden wall needs some more maintenance to make sure it remains in top condition. Every three to five years you will need to restain the w... (More)
  • Creative Ideas for a Balcony or Terrace On a Log Cabin

    A log cabin is often revered not because of its sturdiness (though that is a part of it), but because of its aesthetics. Wooden houses have a certain flair about them, something earthy and old, classic and traditional, beautiful and rustic. Unfortunately, so many people miss the mark with decorating one, which renders a log cabin less impressive by default. One example of where decor often falls short is on a balcony, patio or terrace. Yes, believe it or not an unfurnished balcony can seriously impact the overall function and look of a log cabin. You have some outdoor space, why not use it? If you are purchasing a log cabin (more information about log cabins), looking to build one or already have one and want some design ideas to make the most of the area, here are some awesome, creative ... (More)
  • Features of Wooden Garages

    Garages serve a multitude of purposes and that is why they are such a popular addition to houses. The variety is unlimited as different people have varying needs, and garages are not only for parking cars. Different types of garages are useful for the different needs of people, that is why you might have to do some research on whether to get a steel, plastic, timber or any other type of garage. In this article we will discuss wooden garages and their features. First of all, wooden garages have a very cozy and rustic look to them, which in itself is a big advantage for many people. They are very durable and will last you for years and years if looked after. However, not all timber garages are the same, you need to know about certain features before you make a purchase! Slow-grown wood: It ... (More)
  • 5 Ways To Create The Perfect Bathroom For Your Log Cabin

    A log cabin is a dream home for many. It is a beautiful house, made of beautiful material, that can be given down through generations thanks to its sturdy build. With such an investment it is best that you make it 100% your own. That means customizing it to fit your preferred tastes, from the large main room to every tiny bit of closet space. The bathroom is one area that is so often neglected. Yet it is a perfect opportunity to increase your home’s value while giving you a sense of completion with your design. If you want the perfect bathroom try these five tips. Log Cabin Tip #1 - Install Heated Floors Log cabins have many benefits but they can get a little drafty. Extra insulation in the walls can help with other parts of the house, as can rugs or carpets that trap heat and protect y... (More)

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