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8 Garden Tools Every Gardener Needs in their Wooden Garage

Are you new to gardening, and aren’t sure which tools you need? Have you just purged your old tools during spring cleaning and want a new set? No matter what your situation, we understand your need to buy the most useful tools.


Now is the best time of the year to go out and stock your wooden garage full of the implements you need to make your outdoor space a success. If you are curious about the garden tools every gardener needs in their wooden garage, stay tuned!

The Top 8 Gardening Tools to Store in Your Wooden Garage

#1. Gloves

Any experienced gardener will tell you one of the most important gardening tools is a good pair of gloves. Many novices think they don’t need to protect their hands, but they quickly find they were wrong. Good gloves are key to enjoying your time outdoors!

Why is this item so critical to keep in your wooden garage? They protect your hands from the variety of irritants you may find in your yard. No matter what your climate, there are insects and reptiles. People find bees, snakes, spiders, mosquitoes, etc. in their gardens all of the time.

Another common irritant that your hands need shielded from are the plants themselves. Many flowers and bushes have pointy or irritating hairs along their stems or on their leaves. Instead of cursing their natural protection, buy some gloves to keep in your wooden garage!

The following are different kinds of gloves and their uses:

  • Synthetic gloves: This is the most common type. These are used maintenance work such as weeding and deadheading. Make sure to purchase the washable variety. If you get them in poison ivy or oak you don’t want to put them back in the wooden garage without a spin in the washer!


  • Leather Gloves: These heavy-duty gloves are made for the most difficult jobs in your garden. Leather gloves offer your hands the greatest amount of protection of all of the products on the list. That means you can use them for tasks such as sawing down trees, digging holes, and gathering wood.
  • Latex-coated cotton: The reason these cotton gloves are coated in latex is to resistant punctures. These are great for planting thorny roses and picking up debris.
  • Sleeves: The final item for protection you should keep in your wooden garage is the elastic arm protector. These things allow you to reach way back into a tree or shrub without slicing up your arms.

#2. Trowel

If you have a garden, it can be assumed you are digging your own holes. It can also be assumed that you are digging small holes for plants such as flowers, dwarf trees, and saplings. If this is true, you need a trowel in your wooden garage ASAP!


When shopping for the right trowel, be sure to choose one that fits your hand ergonomically. Also, the construction should be of the highest quality. Some will break on you before the end of the season. The best items are seamless metal with the handle added after the fact.

#3. Shovel

Every gardener needs a shovel in his or her wooden garage. However, not just any shovel will do. Aim for a high-quality product that won’t break easily. It will be worth it not to have to replace it every year!

Although you may not need it right now, we can almost guarantee you will need it at least once during this planting season. They are great for moving large quantities of dirt at once, as well as for transplanting bushes or larger plants.


There are a few specialized shovels to think about storing in your wooden garage:

  • Kombi shovel: Great for digging out heavy soil like clay.
  • Sharpshooter spading shovel: This items has a narrow blade that is perfect for working in rocky soil and beds.
  • Short-handled shovel: Used for raised bed gardening.

#4. Hoe

This tool is one of the most overlooked, useful implements all gardeners need. Hoes assist you in cultivating your soil. Not to mention chopping through dense weeds. If you need to move soil in your bed or clear out a space, a hoe is invaluable.

#5. Pruners

All gardeners need a high-quality pair of pruners in their wooden garage. The best kinds to purchase are heavy duty and as sharp as you can buy them! You don’t want to break them on the first thing you try to cut! A good rule to follow is to only choose pruners with available replacement parts.

Pruners are used around the garden for maintenance chores. The branches of most vegetables and flowers can be cut with hand-held pruners. For bigger projects like shrubs and trees, you can buy larger pruners.

#6. Scissors

You may be asking why you need to keep a pair of scissors in your wooden garage when you have pruners. That is a fair question. The answer is to do jobs requiring a more delicate touch. Harvesting herbs and small veggies, cutting salad greens, and pruning fragile plants are all times scissors can come in handy.

#7. Plant Food

This can take the shape of fertilizer that attaches to your hose, granules to sprinkle, or liquid feed to be applied directly. Any of these kinds of plant foods will do, and all can be stored in your wooden garage. So, how do you know what kind of fertilizer is right for your garden?


If you aren’t sure of your plants needs, do a quick online search. Although most plants can stomach something more generic, others such as roses, orchids, and cacti need special food. To decide what your soil needs, buy a test at your local home improvement store.

#8. Fork

Not to be confused with the utensil, a garden fork is much larger. This tool is used to filter out stones, turning compost, and breaking up dirt mounds. Forks are also good to aerate your garden’s soil.

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