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Wooden Outdoor Buildings for Sale

Pineca is so much more than just a manufacturing company. We are a family-run factory that places quality at the forefront of every product we produce. Whether it’s a wooden shed or a log cabin, attention to detail and superior craftsmanship is our top priority. Through our extensive experience in timber manufacturing, we have found the best way to achieve our high-quality standard is through the use of slow-grown conifer timber. Slow-grown conifer timber has a much lower level of sap and knots and a higher average density than other timber varieties. This is why we exclusively use slow-grown conifer timber to produce all of our wooden outdoor buildings. Thanks to its natural resistance to rotting and mold formation, our slow-grown conifer timber products have an increased lifespan in comparison to other timber varieties. We complement our high-quality timber with the workmanship of exceptional craftsmen whose expertise enables us to offer a 10-year anti-rot warranty on all our products. At Pineca, we are proud of our satisfied customer base that spans the United Kingdom, France and Germany. Our widespread success in Europe has lead to the launch our 4th branch right here in the US.

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  • The Poolhouse Wooden Shed has all the extras. The rustic natural wood corners ooze with extra style. Extra gorgeous lattice windows spin the light to perfection. Enjoy extra coziness on cooler nights.

    • 10 year warranty
    • Floor boards included
  • A natural bestseller! The Oak 20 x 10 wooden shed is less of a shed and more of a mansion! It has an abundance of open space and a collection of bright windows that draw in plenty of natural light. Us

    • 10 year warranty
    • Floor boards included
  • The Essex wooden shed is one of our best selling flat roof styles for good reasons! Its unique flat style roof has a gorgeous compact feel for the ultimate in versatility. The huge windows and stylish

    • 10 year warranty
    • Floor boards included

    Special Price: $5,749.00

    Regular Price: $5,999.00
  • The 18 x 13 Clockhouse wooden shed design provides extra space and extra style. The breathtakingly large Clockhouse wooden shed is designed to impress with its tall front and side windows and gorgeous

    • 10 year warranty
    • Floor boards included
  • The Royal wooden shed is a very special building with plenty of space and plenty of possibilities. It has one large open interior room that can be utilized for business or pleasure. Outside, a covered

    • 10 year warranty
    • Floor boards included
  • Many garages are made from unattractive metal or concrete, but yours doesn’t have to be! With the Double wooden garage you have a secure space as well as a stunning structure with natural beauty. Pe

    • 10 year warranty
    • Reinforced roof construction
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Pineca aired on British TV!

We have partnered with British ITV's Peter Andre's 60 Minutes Makeover and our shed will be assembled and decorated on the show!


Pineca Team in the Rally race Monte Carlo Historique!

Pineca Group will have a team competing today in the legendary Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique.This is an annual event where many legendary car enthusiasts gather and drive through the mostamazing roads of France and Monaco.


Pineca takes part in Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique!

Our team hits the historical rally race in France 2nd-7th February! Read More about the competition here.

About and our products is part of the Pineca group, which consists of German (, United Kingdom ( and French subsidiaries ( All wooden storage buildings, outdoor buildings and other products that have been distributed by the aforementioned companies have been made with the utmost excellence and expertise by our family-run factory that has been around since 1993 in Lithuania. 

We feel extremely proud that our wooden buildings have brought so much joy to our clients since our inception in 1993. We are also immensely proud of the fact that to date we have manufactured and delivered more than 29,000 timber structures to our very happy clients. 

When we decided to create our factory over 23 years ago, we aimed to craft timber buildings that were of an immense high quality while still being accessible to people. This dream may not have happened over night, however we have reached our goal and can now offer you high quality wooden buildings and outdoor sheds that are very affordable. 

We offer
- 10-Year Warranty
- Secure Payment Process
- Money-back Guarantee


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