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We are currently expanding our presence in EU markets and do not operate in the US. For B2B enquiries, please write us at

Fast Shipping

Fast Shipping
In-stock products (those marked “Fast Delivery” on the green label) will be delivered throughout the mainland United States in 10-20 days. Products “not in stock” will take 60-90 days to ship. Custom projects may take longer, depending on the scope of your project.

Shipping to Other Areas/Countries
We deliver our log cabins and garages worldwide. Maybe you are planning a project for your property in Europe or Canada? Maybe your building will rest on a property in Alaska or Hawaii? Contact us for a quote on delivery.

Shipping to Hard-to-Reach Places
An extra charge may be applied for delivery to out-of-the-way places that our trucks have difficulty gaining access to. We deliver our products in trucks 8.2’ wide, 32.8’ long, and 8.2’ high. The truck requires an extra 3.28’ minimum on either side for stabilization during unloading. If you have any doubts about the clearance due to trees, rocks, bridges, inaccessible roads, or other conditions, please contact us in advance.

Reliable Transport
The award-winning logistics-warehousing company Florida International Enterprises Inc. works with to ensure your wooden shed, log cabin, garage, or carport is delivered in a safe and professional manner. You will be contacted to schedule a delivery date that is convenient to you.

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