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Monthly Archives: September 2017

  • Why you should treat your wooden shed?

    Wood is one of the best options for any construction, as it has a major positive impact on the final product, but at the same time you have to be aware that it is sensitive and has to be handled accordingly. Wood can be affected by both living beings and by the weather condition during the time of its use. Such unwanted guests like rodents and insects can severely damage the structure ‒ the damaged parts of the product could eventually lead to the collapse of the building. There is always a chance that your house will not meet any animals/insects in the area where your wooden shed is located but you will not be able to escape the weather conditions. Wood becomes most sensitive when it comes into contact with direct sunlight and humidity. The impact can have a double impact: the sunray... (More)
  • Insulating your log cabin. Things everyone should know

    Among other things, climate change is making a difference in our pockets these days by adding to our heating costs, meaning that insulating your log cabin is probably going to be mandatory. There are quite a few options when it comes to insulation; so which should you choose? If your house is not going to be insulated by a professional, you should probably go for insulation rolls rather than the bulk ones. Choosing the material which it is made from is also a factor you will need to consider. Types include synthetic, mineral, or plant-based insulation. All types of insulation have two main problems: thermal bridges and water permeability. Thermal bridges are usually gaps in the insulation, such as the places where sheets of insulation connect. These small gaps are points where heat might... (More)
  • How to maintain a wooden fence for a log cabin

    Tom Sawyer (the eponymous hero of the Mark Twain novels) said that painting a fence can be a very satisfying activity. And he was right; a nicely painted fence adds a natural charm to the surroundings and emphasizes the charm of the house itself. However, fences around the log cabins are painted not only with the purpose of making them pleasant to the eye, but also to protect the wood from natural rot and mold. Natural wood left unpainted can crack and split after some time, so it is essential to repaint a fence every 5-6 years. The paint, obviously, should be environmentally friendly and not cause any harm to people's or animals’ health. Initial arrangements Before going ahead with painting it is recommended that you remove dust from the fence, to treat it with antiseptic and level i... (More)
  • Felt Shingle Roof For Your Log Cabin

    Working on a project with a log cabin might be a very long and exhausting process, yet it is important to pick all of the components of the cabin carefully. Once the material for the cabin itself has been chosen we ought to mention the importance of the roof covering, as this is a crucial part of the building. The main concern here is really which material to go for. We already know that a log cabin is a nature friendly structure and so the roofing should be! Below we will discuss what we believe to be the best covering – felt roof shingles. You have probably heard about roof shingles even though you have not investigated log cabins much. It’s not surprising to us at all as this type of roofing is surely one of the most known roof coverings, usually based on fiberglass or SBS modified... (More)

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