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Log Cabin Kits


The allure of log cabin living is something that appeals to many of us, and with a dream so unique, only a custom cabin will truly bring your dreams to life. Regardless of where you choose to place your cabin, you can rest assured that Pineca’s cabins are solidly built with strong and secure walls, windows and frames, along with a good amount of insulation to keep the chill or the heat at bay.

Choose from multiple gorgeous one and two-story models. Both options have a lot to offer and will ensure you are safe and sound—no matter what. If you’re ready for a change of pace, contact us today and we’ll help you construct the log cabin home of your dreams.

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  • Bring the beauty of nature to your backyard with the natural look of the Alto log cabin. Imagine this as a fabulous guest room in your garden or as a private retreat in the woods. The Alto has integra

    Special Price: $9,799.00

    Regular Price: $10,499.00
  • For breath-taking views inside and out, the 15 x 20 Scoot log cabin is the perfect choice. It’s a fabulous space with room for a little bit of everything. Use it or an office, study or living space,

  • The stunning Alex 20 x 20 log cabin will amaze you with its big windows for natural light and large open floor space with high versatility. If you prefer three rooms to two that is easily arranged. Wh

    Special Price: $14,499.00

    Regular Price: $14,980.00
  • Whether for an exclusive summerhouse or a place of business, the Hymer log cabin has all the space you need. It features four separate rooms. It has two medium sized rooms, one large and spacious gre

  • The 35 X 20 Fill log cabin is an impressive holiday log home design that feels open and spacious with high ceilings, natural light and clean lines. It is easy to imagine the Fill log cabin as a two-be

    Special Price: $17,399.00

    Regular Price: $18,199.00
  • Don’t see exactly what you need? Consider a custom solution!
  • With a lot to offer both inside and out, the 34 x 23 Uzes Log Cabin is a clear winner. The stunning exterior includes a gorgeous undercover terrace perfect for year round outdoor dining. The interior

  • The 19 x 28 Log cabin Langon is our most exclusive log cabin design for those looking for exceptional log cabin living. It includes two separate floors with a delightful upper terrace perfect for star

  • The 20 x 36 Bordeaux log cabin is the picture of finesse and style. This beautiful log cabin offers the upmost elegance partnered with a huge amount of space to fulfill every need imaginable. The Bord

  • Don’t see exactly what you need? Consider a custom solution!

Information for owners of log cabins

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How to prepare your residential log cabin for the Summer

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Is It Worth Installing Heated Flooring In a Log Cabin?

A log cabin comes with a number of positive features that make it a desirable option for real estate. For instance, there is the general look of the cabin that makes it feel more rustic and traditional...

The interior design of your log cabin

Many people think of their log cabins as not only the most secure place to be but also as a place to relax and stretch your legs in a cozy environment after a hard day at work. With the home taking such...

Log cabin interior with metal and glass

Log cabins can be a lot more than something simple. They can be a work of art, something with character that feels like it is alive inside. How can you do that? By using metal and glass to add to the log...

Types Of Log Cabins' Foundations

Which foundation to choose for your log cabin There is no doubt that a foundation is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to building a log cabin. It needs to be done correctly...

Year-round log cabin living. Our log cabin kits ensure you will be living your dream life throughout the year, no matter what the elements throw at you. From bedrooms to bathrooms to kitchens, additional rooms, and even a mezzanine, our range of both single and two-story models have all the amenities you would expect in a luxury log cabin. These wood cabins are made to last with the highest quality wood, therefore ensuring that regardless of whether you’re using it as a holiday retreat or a permanent residence you will not be disappointed.

Special Windows and Doors. The windows and doors on your log cabin kit are truly exceptional, made in our factories according to the highest quality and durability standards. The windows and doors are exceptionally moisture-resistant thanks to GlueLam technology, this allows for them to fit securely and open and shut efficiently and effectively regardless of weather conditions. In order to add extra protection, all of our residential cabins come fitted with Tilt and Turn double-glazed windows and doors. We build our products to last and balance that with great value to give our clients the best of both worlds.

Installation available. Full installation service is available to ensure you have the best and easiest experience possible. No ordinary handyman will be at work on your prefab cabin. Only the best skilled professionals will lay the foundation, assemble your cabin, and insulate it. If you prefer, we can also install features such as electricity, plumbing or gutters to minimize your to-do list. We can even paint your cabin inside and out to really give your new home an extra ounce of pizazz. If you need anything else to make your log cabin home a one of a kind experience we would love to make it happen for you. We will not rest until you are positively beaming over our service.

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