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Monthly Archives: May 2019

  • Brussels Sprouts Growing: Things You Need To Know

    These easy to grow vegetables which do well in low temperatures grow at a slow rate, and people often grow them for a late fall harvest. Though they thrive in low temperatures, you can have them in a temperate region, especially where you plan on sowing them indoors where you can alter the conditions as required. The plants take about ninety days to grow, counting from the time you transplant them to the outdoors till when they are ready for harvest. If you can maintain the temperatures between 45 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, you should enjoy a good harvest. When it comes to Brussels sprouts growing: things you need to know, here are some guidelines as to the same: Planting the Seeds The timing of the planting will depend on when you wish to have the seedlings in the garden. For people grow... (More)
  • Broccoli Growing At Home

    With people moving towards healthy eating habits, broccoli has become one of the most sought-after vegetables with people coming up with new ways to prepare this food. Of all the members of the brassica family, to which this vegetable belongs, broccoli stands as one of the tastiest with numerous vitamins in tow. If you wish to enjoy fresh broccoli throughout the year, you will be happy to know that its cultivation and aftercare requires little effort and you can harvest the crop as much as twice each year, depending on when you plant the seeds. You need to pay note to how much sun the planting site receives as well as the conditions of the soil if you wish to enjoy healthy plants. With this in mind, we can now dive into broccoli growing at home and how to go about it. Soil Preparation pH ... (More)
  • Tabasco Pepper: How To Grow It And Make A Perfect Sauce

    Growing Tabasco peppers is quite easy, and the results are sure to show soon enough. These peppers come in handy when preparing dishes and you can make the most of them by preparing tabasco sauce. Thus, read on if you want to know all about tabasco pepper: how to grow it and make a perfect sauce. Cultivation Preparations Start by visiting your local nursery where you can learn more about this hot pepper as well as the conditions in which it thrives in your region. This knowledge will come in handy in later stages. Site Location You should note that this pepper will do well when it receives an adequate amount of heat. If you live in a region where the sun is pretty hot, you will have success growing this pepper both indoors and outdoors. As such, look at spots in your garden with access to... (More)
  • How To Plant And Take Care Of Lemongrass

    Lemongrass not only tastes good it also has tons of medicinal benefits. As such, it is an ideal plant to have in your backyard and will add to the aesthetics brought about by your wooden shed (click here). You will be happy to know that growing it is quite easy and little care goes into ensuring its success. Whether you are cultivating it for say drinks, such as smoothies and teas, or are looking to add some beauty to your outdoors, this plant will serve you well. Here is how to plant and take care of lemongrass: Starting From Seeds You can plant your lemongrass from seeds or stalks, and both options have impressive benefits. It comes down to how much time you want to set aside to wait for the crops to mature, as well as the success rates you wish to have. If you plan on using seeds, you... (More)

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