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Monthly Archives: January 2018

  • Which Carport is best for you

    After you have made the decision to build a carport instead of a garage, you need to decide on the next step - which carport is the most suitable to you. Money wise a carport is a very economical option comparing it to the cost of a garage, while still offering great protection from the sun, wind or snow. Time flies and you are still not sure what design of carport you would like to go ahead with? Here we will share some basic aspects you have to think about before the final decision as to which carport is ideal for you. To start with let's discuss what the difference is between the carport and the garage. A carport structure could be simply described with one word - shelter. The structure is an alternative design to a garage which has lower cost because it is not an enclosed building. It... (More)
  • Holiday in a log cabin

    Many urban families nowadays tend to choose to spend their holiday in rural environment in a log cabin.  Such holiday offers a perfect solution for those who want to escape from concrete landscape and high pressure surroundings. People do not want to visit amusement parks or sunshine beaches or luxurious hotels any more – they choose to go wild and spend their holiday somewhere in the country side which is very different from everyday routine. People tend to be overloaded with office work and lack time to communicate with their family members. A holiday somewhere in the rural environment help the family members to reconnect with each other and get away from the life hustle and office pressure environment. Whether you decide to spend some good days with your family members or with your ... (More)
  • Wooden Garage Door maintenance in Spring

    A well-maintained garage door is key to a long life of a wooden garage. This is the part that will be used the most and will have most wear and tear, therefore it has to be looked after properly. Garage doors are especially important in heated garages, as this is where most of the cold air will come through if it is not in mint condition. Even if the garage is not heated, cracked or broken seals will allow dust and draft into the garage. In many house designs, the garage will be situated under a room, and if there is cold air coming into the garage, this will also affect the overall warmth and heating bills of the house. The first step of maintaining your garage door is cleaning it! If your wooden garage door is made from steel, you might occasionally find some rust on it, in which case ... (More)
  • Mobile home in the forest – advantages and disadvantages

    Thinking about getting a log cabin in the forest, but don’t know what to consider? Maybe it could be better to get a mobile home rather than a log cabin, or something entirely different. If you want to take your family someplace away from it all, here are some advantages and disadvantages to consider in regards to mobile home in the forest. Firstly, mobile homes are an environmentally friendly option. Trees are renewable, you can find and reuse wood, and you can find out where the lumber comes from to see if it is made sustainably. Wood is durable and can handle the weather, especially if you get something made from cedar or redwood. Some of the log cabins in Europe date back to the 1200s, and in Russia some log cabins have been around for 100 years. That is pretty good right there, ... (More)
  • Environmentally friendly mobile home interior

    Thinking about the environment is something that many people do nowadays. We live in nature, and we should take care of the world around us. So, you want a mobile home or a wooden shed that has an environmentally friendly log cabin interior. Let’s see how you can go about achieving this goal. The building materials are one of the first considerations when figuring how to complete an environmentally sound log cabin. Wood is renewable and sustainable, easy to fix and the process of making the wood is environmentally friendly. If you get wood of good quality, then you will have decent natural insulation. This natural insulation means you will not need as much heating or air conditioning as you would otherwise need. Using salvaged wood and other materials means that less production is requi... (More)
  • Organizing a party in your log cabin or shed

    Every now and then you gather up with your friends to spend some time together – because it’s the time that you spend with your loved ones that matters the most. Throwing a party can never be an easy task, especially if you have an abundance of occasions to feast on – your guests will always be happy to come especially if your parties stand out from your regular Friday catching up. A great spot to throw a party at is a log cabin! Even if you have not done it before it will be easy as you can simply change the theme and decorations and the cabin will still be the highlight of the show. It is important to get all of the crucial bits together before sending out the invites. Make sure you take care of the drink, food and decorations! Once that it is all done send the invites out to your... (More)
  • 10 things you need to know about wooden garage heating

    When the weather is in the colder months, you might want to work, entertain friends and family, or sit and relax in your wooden garage. But, the cold is turning you off going inside. Keep reading below for ten things you need to know about wooden garage heating. Things to consider before construction 1) The site and site orientation When you know where you are going to be building a wooden garage, get to see the site. See how much space you have, and take into account that you will need a space between your structure and trees, fences or other similar things that are solid and close. Look to see what trees are around, they can be used for shade in the summer or might be in an area that lets sunlight in on cold days to warm the garage. 2) Design and construction materials When you’ve loo... (More)
  • How to clean the snow from the log cabin roof

    With winter over, perhaps you are going to visit your log cabin to enjoy the fresh spring air? You know there’s going to be some maintainance needed, and you know there will be snow on the roof. Are all roofs the same Should you clean the snow off the roof? What are some methods to getting snow off the roof? Read below for the information to answer your questions! For starters, not all roofs are the same. Roofs have different pitches, meaning they are angled at different ways. Some are flat while others have a steep slant. The steeper the slope, the easier it is for snow to slide off. So, if you have a roof with a steep angled roof, you are lucky and it is unlikely you will need to get the snow off the roof of your log cabin (more information about log cabins kits). Those who have flatt... (More)
  • Hangar wooden Garage

    Everyday people look to find the best solutions how to make the daily life easier. Having idea to get a workshop and at the same time thinking about the wooden garage for family cars the special design was needed. At first I was thinking about the brick building and after researching the prices and time scale for such option I decided to find some alternative option. This is just the wooden garage with the workshop, so no wish to spend too much on that. The timber building came to my mind as one of the neighbours had a log cabin in the back garden and it looked very good. I have asked him to share his experience with such type of products. To my surprise he could not state any negative aspects even he was using it already 3 years. He just warned me that the wooden building requires some ad... (More)
  • Wooden shed – Things to consider when choosing one

    So, you are thinking about buying a wooden shed but don’t know where to start. There’s quite a few things to consider like what type of timber to use, what design will suit you best, knowing what the building codes are in your area and whether or not you want to complete the task yourself or have a professional install the wooden shed and what you want in the shed. Below is an explanation of things to consider when choosing one. The different kinds of timber available to you might change depending on your area, so look around for what’s available. Consider what weather the wood will be in if the area you are is sunny and warm, humid, wet or in the snow. Some woods have natural resins in them that make them better for specific situations and to keep insects like termites away. Some c... (More)

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