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Pineca team finishes the Monte Carlo Historique rally race!

As you may probably know by now, our team is participating in the legendary Rallye Monte Carlo Historique and as the race has come to an end there are a few events to summarize.


On Monday, our team was 18th out of more than 250 competitors, but unfortunately they got stuck on a snowy Alps road and lost some time, as well as qualifying points. Vincent Penel, who was driving a Simca 1100 Ti blocked the road and more than 10 participants got stuck on this unpredictable mountain trap! Among them, unfortunately was also our team… This only goes to prove how unexpected this race can be.


On Tuesday, the team covered more than 300 miles – this was the hardest and longest sprint distance of the whole race, and on the next day the final part of the race began.
The participants reached Col de Turini – a legendary section of the Monte Carlo race which is appreciated by both drivers as well as the audience because of its unexpected curves and stunning views.


The Pineca team finished the race safe and sound. As the saying goes, it’s all about the journey, not the destination and the smiles on the team’s faces say that the journey was certainly worthwhile.

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