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Monthly Archives: February 2018

  • Pineca team finishes the Monte Carlo Historique rally race!

    As you may probably know by now, our team is participating in the legendary Rallye Monte Carlo Historique and as the race has come to an end there are a few events to summarize. On Monday, our team was 18th out of more than 250 competitors, but unfortunately they got stuck on a snowy Alps road and lost some time, as well as qualifying points. Vincent Penel, who was driving a Simca 1100 Ti blocked the road and more than 10 participants got stuck on this unpredictable mountain trap! Among them, unfortunately was also our team… This only goes to prove how unexpected this race can be. On Tuesday, the team covered more than 300 miles – this was the hardest and longest sprint distance of the whole race, and on the next day the final part of the race began. The participants reached Col de ... (More)
  • Things You Need To Know About Caring For Mobile Home Plumbing In Winter

    Mobile homes are a kind of prefabricated, manufactured dwelling that many people choose for their lower cost, customizability, ease of upkeep and other elements that make it a better option for some families when compared to other houses. But just because the upkeep is easier doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to worry about. Especially once winter comes along. Here are some things everyone needs to know about caring for their mobile home’s plumbing in the colder months. Your Pipes Can Freeze In a Mobile Home This is one of the biggest issues that plumbers get called in for every year. The average plumbing professional in a cold climate will take on as many as several hundred calls on frozen pipes in a single year and it is always a massive headache for the homeowners to deal with. I... (More)
  • Tips for Decorating Your Mobile Home Interior For Less

    Mobile homes are a convenient choice when it comes to houses. Cheap, easy to maintain and able to be placed pretty much anywhere, it is becoming a popular real estate alternative to other dwellings that might be out of the home buyer’s price range, or just doesn’t work with their lifestyle. But how do you go about making a mobile home feel like a safe space? It all comes down to the way you decorate it. The Trick to Mobile Home Interior Decorating Mobile homes are seriously lacking in space, both single and double wides. That can be a strength in many ways, but the drawback is that it is easy to feel cramped and uncomfortable there. Getting past that can be hard, because any interior decorating you do may be hindered by the very design you try to implement. The trick is to give the il... (More)
  • How to prepare your residential log cabin for the Summer

    If you plan to spend your summer holiday in your residential log cabin, you will need to prepare the cabin for the hot season and ensure that the right conditions have been created inside of the cabin. Otherwise, the experience might turn into a very uncomfortable one, even given the fact that logs are known as natural insulators. Here we look at some effective ways of preparing the cabin for the summer. Repaint our cabin with soothing and light colors. If the cabin was painted a long time ago, this is the right time to refresh the colors. Some of the best colors are pastel pink, sunny yellow, sky blue, coral, lime and white. These colors create a soothing and calming atmosphere. Obviously, it is not always necessary to repaint a cabin – there are plenty of other tips on how to refresh ... (More)

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