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Everything about log cabins, home and garden

  • 10 Ways to Make Your Log Cabin More Eco-Friendly With Alternative Energy

    A log cabin is already a pretty eco-friendly option for those who want to lessen their impact on the environment. You can create one out of used lumber, choose greener chemicals for the staining and provide a house made from natural materials instead of the drywall used more commonly in houses these days. But if that isn’t as far as you want to take your Earth saving methods it may be time to take things to the next level. Here are ten ways to make your log cabin (check there prefab log cabins) more eco-friendly using alternative energy instead of more harmful fuels.    1.  Join a Green Energy Service - More and more alternative energies are becoming viable and accessible options for people around the world. One of the ways that is happening is through the use of energy services. The... (More)
  • Pallet Beds in a log cabin!

    Over 30% of our life is spent in bed sleeping, which is why your bed is an important part of your log cabin interior. This means that your bed must be both comfortable and stylish. Having a sleek-looking bed does not have to be very expensive, have a look at this idea for a bed made out of wooden pallets. For the bed you will need: 2 Wooden Pallets 6 Trolley Wheels 2 Joint Panels Screws A matching mattress to the size of the pallet Firstly, you will need to make sure that the pallets are the same length and size. Secondly, rub the pallets with sand paper making it smooth and ensuring that the wood will not damage your mattress or scratch you. Then coat the pallets with a varnish for wooden surfaces or stain it with any color you like. Joint the pallets using the joint panels.  Attach th... (More)
  • The Eco-Friendly Features of Log Cabins

    According to NASA the global temperature has raised 1.7 F with the 17 of the hottest recorded years taking place since 2001. That shows a consistent gain that is truly alarming. While the best thing we can do is reduce emissions and make changes on a mass level, there are also ways that we can do our part as individuals to help save our planet and reverse some of the damage caused by global warming. One place to start is in the homes we choose to buy. Can a Log Cabin Be Green? It used to be that buying a log cabin was a serious resource suck. One of the reasons we switched to using drywall and plastic sheeting was because felling trees to make into houses was such a serious problem in our dwindling forests. That doesn’t even take the chemicals used to stain and seal that wood into accou... (More)
  • Which Wood Is Usually Used In Manufacturing Wooden Garages?

    Wooden garages are the “it” design choice these days. While what kind of garage you have might not seem like a big deal you would be surprised by the difference in makes in the overall aesthetic of your home. You could have a beautiful, sprawling estate and a badly made garage could make it look cheap just by sitting there at its side. The price is often the sore point for people who are considering wooden garages over sheet metal. You should try thinking of a wooden garage as an investment rather than a financial burden. It will ultimately help raise the value of your home far more than the initial cost. However, different types of wood are more or less expensive. The Most Common Wood Types For Wooden Garages Cedar - Cedar is usually considered the midrange wood of choice for garages... (More)
  • Why we recommend an antiseptic treatment for log cabins

    As a natural material, wood tends to rot when it gets exposed to weather elements. Rotting is a biochemical process which leads to color change, mass reduction and gradual deterioration. However, this process can be halted when a tree is turned into building material and treated. Below are 9 reasons why it is advised to treat a log cabin  with antiseptics. 1. Wood antiseptic applied on the wood ensures that the wood does not rot. The requirements for different items made of wood are different – whether it is furniture, building material, or paper. When it comes to building material it is essential to treat it on a regular basis with wood preserver or apply wood antiseptics. When treated with antiseptics, a wooden house will last for much longer. 2. Insects protection. As a natural mat... (More)
  • Decorating your log cabin

    The internal decoration of a log cabin goes hand in hand with the actual building of the cabin. As logs function perfectly for internal and external decoration, there is not much need for additional finishing. No doubt a wide range of external finishing can be used, for example polyvinyl chloride, upholstery, wallpaper, paint, tiles, along with many more. They all work fine but there is no doubt that the natural look of a log cabin will be lost, at least to a certain extent. Probably one of the biggest advantages of a log cabin is its natural look, which makes it look more cozy and warmer. In order to achieve this, the application of any special finishing is not recommended for the inside of the log cabin. Modern finishing will add an urban touch to the interior, so it is more appropriate... (More)
  • Insulating your wooden shed or log cabin

    Nowadays, a trend for ecological foods, buildings and materials can be readily found all around us. More and more people are changing their habits and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle – one example of this is the building of eco-friendly homes. Over the last couple of years log cabin and wooden shed manufacturers have seen an increased demand in log houses as well as timber frame buildings. The main benefits of having a log cabin are its quick and easy assembly process, fair price and most importantly, its ecological merits.   Some log home owners decide not to insulate their cabins – mainly because they want to enjoy the natural look of the log cabins or wooden sheds. However, in order to keep your log cabin cool in the summer and warm during the cold winter nights, thermal ... (More)
  • Everything about wooden garage

    With any purchase, there are always pros and cons, and log cabins and wooden garages are no different. A garage is a multipurpose structure, which completes the look of your home, acts as a secure storage room, and can even double as a workshop. As with all more-expensive purchases, you will want to conduct some research about the types available on the market. Like all fashion trends, garage trends go around in circles, meaning that timber garages have become popular again! Back in the day, almost every garage was made from timber, before technology brought along garages made from different materials, as well as pre-fabricated structures. Even so, many people go for the rustic look of a wooden garage because they look so beautiful! What many do not realize is that wood is a very sturdy ... (More)
  • Electric heating in a wooden shed

    As it is getting cooler and cooler outside, we have decided to talk a little bit about the heating in your wooden shed. Although, this is not going to be about the most cost-efficient ways to heat your cabin, rather we will talk about making your wooden shed or office warm and cozy very easily. We are going to talk about electric heating, which is often chosen for its reliability, and simplicity. It can be the main heat source in your house or a backup for another source. These heating systems are easy to use and they very rarely break. Electric heaters do not emit toxic fumes, your cabin or office will not be full of smoke, and you will not have to chop any wood or get your hands dirty with any other type of fuel. This type of heating is very safe and there is minimal risk of explosion ... (More)
  • Information about wooden sheds

    Wooden sheds and log cabins often attract their buyers because of a few simple reasons: low price, simple assembly, quick construction and on the whole no permission is required to build them up. These versatile structures can be used as a compact gym, garden studio, guest accommodation, extra storage space or even as a residence. As mentioned, one of the big advantages is that the cabin will normally not require planning permission – or the procedure will be simplified. Most sheds are manufactured from pine or spruce. Pine is much firmer and regarded as the most appropriate, whereas spruce is not as solid – nevertheless, it is much lighter and preserves the natural colors for a longer period of time and can be easier to paint. Twin-skin log cabins (manufactured interlocking two wal... (More)

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