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Pallet Beds in a log cabin!

Over 30% of our life is spent in bed sleeping, which is why your bed is an important part of your log cabin interior. This means that your bed must be both comfortable and stylish. Having a sleek-looking bed does not have to be very expensive, have a look at this idea for a bed made out of wooden pallets. For the bed you will need:

2 Wooden Pallets

6 Trolley Wheels

2 Joint Panels


A matching mattress to the size of the pallet

Firstly, you will need to make sure that the pallets are the same length and size. Secondly, rub the pallets with sand paper making it smooth and ensuring that the wood will not damage your mattress or scratch you. Then coat the pallets with a varnish for wooden surfaces or stain it with any color you like. Joint the pallets using the joint panels.  Attach the trolley wheels on the bottom side of the pallets at the corners and in the middle, so the bed frame is easy to move afterwards. Place the mattress on the frame, and voila! Your bed is done.

If you own a log cabin (click here), many pieces of furniture can be made using wooden pallets for other rooms, such as the living room, outside terrace or gazebo. These items are easy to maintain, and can always be altered to look different!

One thought on “Pallet Beds in a log cabin!”

  • It's amazing to think that pallets can be reused for such unique projects! My wife and I want to order some pallets for a shipment, but we want to make sure we can repurpose extras to cut down on waste. We'll be sure to keep your blog in mind as we find out what to do next!

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