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Everything about log cabins, home and garden

  • Home Garden - Is it possible to have it in winter?

    Anyone that loves to garden can get bummed out in the cold winter months. The greenery outside is dead, and our hands are too clean. We outdoor lovers just want to get dirty in the soil. The good news is, we can! We just have to learn to do it inside your log cabin. A Home Garden in the Winter Recently, the amount of people gardening indoors during the colder months of the year has grown. There has been an increase in demand for seeds and seedlings that can be grown indoors. The best part of gardening inside is how versatile it can be. You can grow herbs, flowers, vegetables, and fruits. You Don’t Need the Outdoor Sunlight This is one of the most exciting parts of having a home garden this time of year. During the summer, we gardeners are at the mercy of the natural weather patterns. We... (More)
  • House Interior Design

    If you don’t have the thousands of dollars it takes to hire a profession interior decorator, you aren’t alone. Most of us are decorating on a budget. Many of us have never decorated the interior of a home before. All of us could use some ideas on house interior designs! House Interior Design Ideas Idea #1: What to do with Floors What type of flooring does your home have? Most likely, it is all carpet or carpet and wood. If you are happy with what you have, that’s great! You can always add area rugs if you need to soften a carpet or add some extra décor. Hardwood floors can do with the comfort of rugs to walk on. They are beautiful, but they are hard on aging feet. If you love patterns, add more than one area rug per room. Vary textures and colors to showcase the different items in ... (More)
  • Bedroom Interior Design

    The winter months are a great time to redecorate your sleeping area. This month, we are bringing you our favorite bedroom interior design tips and ideas. Hopefully, you find these as useful as we did when we were redecorating! Bedroom Interior Design Tips Tip #1: Choose a Color One of the easiest and least expensive changes to make in your bedroom is the wall color. Although it is tempting to go bright and bold, we recommend a subtle color. Why? If you are sleeping in the room, you want to feel relaxed upon entering. Color has a lot to do with that. Monochromatic tones are perfect for bedrooms, as our gemstone colors. Lavender, light greens, topaz, mauve, and lighter browns are all great examples. If you have a favorite bold or bright color, choose something in the same line. Only calmer... (More)
  • Wooden Christmas Decorations

    Are you tired of expensive store bought wooden Christmas decorations? You’re in luck. Today, we are going to cover 4 DIY wooden Holiday decorations. The difficulty varies, so you should be able to find one to suit any expertise or lack thereof! Pallet Christmas Tree To obtain a pallet, call your local department, grocery, and hardware stores. Some throw or give them away if you are a customer and ask nicely. To get your kids involved, allow them to pick out and decorate the tree! Materials 1 Pallet Thick log (for the tree base) Hammer Nails Twine or silver wire (match the color to your tree décor) Decorations Bulbs Lights Star for the top Anything else you want! Get creative! Sandpaper (optional) Wood stain (optional) Instructions Cut or pull off the excess parts of your pallet. ... (More)
  • Wooden Ornaments for your home

    Ornaments don’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can make your own wooden ornaments at home. Kids and adults alike enjoy listening to festive Holiday music and bonding over a craft. These 5 beautiful wooden creations will look great on a tree, wreath, in the windows, or anywhere else you decide to hang them. Whether you want an easy craft or a difficult one, you will have a fun time making your gorgeous homemade ornaments! #1: Twiggy Trees These twiggy trees are cheap and easy to make. To make it even better, kids love gathering sticks! Complete with some wire pipe cleaners and you’ve got yourself a rustic wooden ornament. Materials Twigs gathered outside Wooden sticks (available at craft stores and look like tongue depressors) Your favorite color wire pipe cleaners, or substitute ... (More)
  • High Fiber Vegetables

    The benefits to eating a diet high in fiber are numerous. It can reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, and bowel cancer. Unfortunately, only 3% of most people get the recommended amount (25-38 grams). Even if you are on a low carb diet, you can get fiber from vegetables. This article contains a comprehensive list of high fiber vegetables for you to enjoy! 18 High Fiber Vegetables #1: Lima Beans Lima beans are a great source of fiber in any diet, but especially a vegetarian diet. These yummy beans pack a punch of 9 grams of fiber per cooked cup. That’s a whopping 37% of your daily recommended value. For all this, you only have to spend 209 calories! #2: Carrots They are orange, juicy, and come in different sizes. But did you know they are also high in fiber and low in calories? In on... (More)
  • Beetroot Juice Benefits

    A beetroot is a sweet vegetable that you love or hate. As you can tell from the name, a beet is actually a root. So, will refer to these veggies as beet and beetroot interchangeably. No matter what you call it or how you feel about it, beetroot now widely recognized as a superfood. Here’s how beetroot juice benefits can help you! Benefit #1: Improves Stamina Drinking beet juice has been shown to increase plasma nitrate levels. This increases your ability to perform exercise. It also reduces your maximum oxygen output by opening up your vessels so there is more for your muscles. Who doesn’t want increased stamina at the gym? Pro Tip: Drink in the morning for a healthy pick me up! Benefit #2: Improves Skin Tone We all try to improve our skin from without, but what if I told you beetroot... (More)
  • Mediterannean Vegetables

    For most people, October and November are the end of the growing season. Not so if you live in what we call a Mediterranean climate. What exactly is this climate, and what Mediterranean vegetables can you grow this time of year? We’re glad you asked, because we’ve got the answers! What is a Mediterranean Climate? Climate is characterized by its weather patterns. Mediterranean climates have cool, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. The soil can be characterized as loamy/rocky. Loamy soil is great, but the rocky part isn’t so great. It means you might have a difficult time growing some of the more common plants. Where are Some Examples? Here are a few places that have a Mediterranean climate. This is not an exhaustive list, but it covers the larger regions. Turkey Morocco Greece Ita... (More)
  • Pumpkin Ideas for Halloween Decorations

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The squash are ripe, the apples are juicy, and the pumpkins are begging to be picked. Whether or not you decide to go to the patch or the store this year, there should be at least 1 real pumpkin somewhere in your home. Other than that, feel free to use our 4 fake pumpkin ideas for Halloween decorations. 4 Pumpkin Ideas for Halloween Decorations #1: Pumpkin Book This is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to make a unique pumpkin. All you need is a book, hot glue, scissors, orange spray paint, and a branch from your yard! Instructions: Remove the cover from the book, taking care to keep the spine together. Take your sharpest pair of scissors and cut the pages into a half circle (pumpkin) shape. Bend back the book so you can glue the spine togethe... (More)
  • History of Halloween

    It’s that time of year again: Halloween! The leaves and the temperature are falling, the wooden garage is getting decorated, and the ghosts and goblins are creeping. Whether you love or hate this holiday, it’s important to know the history of Halloween. Why? It’s one of the most popular days of the year! Origins Halloween can trace its roots back 2,000 years to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. This is pronounced sow-in. November 1st was the Celt’s New Year, and the night before, October 31st, was the festival. What was Samhain? This festival was on the last day of summer. This also coincided with the last day of the harvest. They Celts were entering the time of the year where darkness and cold took over. A time of the year they associated with death. To be fair, most of the... (More)

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