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Why we recommend an antiseptic treatment for log cabins

As a natural material, wood tends to rot when it gets exposed to weather elements. Rotting is a biochemical process which leads to color change, mass reduction and gradual deterioration. However, this process can be halted when a tree is turned into building material and treated. Below are 9 reasons why it is advised to treat a log cabin  with antiseptics.


1. Wood antiseptic applied on the wood ensures that the wood does not rot. The requirements for different items made of wood are different – whether it is furniture, building material, or paper. When it comes to building material it is essential to treat it on a regular basis with wood preserver or apply wood antiseptics. When treated with antiseptics, a wooden house will last for much longer.

2. Insects protection. As a natural material, wood is likely to become a favorite place for breeding insects. Insect activities lead to the structure’s destruction and there is a high possibility of insects starting to breed in wooden furniture etc. afterwards.

3. Protection from allergies. If the wood is exposed to moisture it provides a good environment for mold to breed. Mold causes fungi growth, which leads to the wood’s destruction. Mold also spreads spores into the air which is harmful for people’s health and contributes to people becoming allergic and more susceptible to various infections. That’s why it is really important to remove mold properly.

4. Prevents fungi growth. Fungi destroy the wood from the inside and also destroy wood cellulose.

5. Less care required. Once the wood is treated with antiseptics, it will last for much longer than when it is left untreated. Therefore, antiseptic treatment ensures that the cabin will be kept in good condition and will have a good look even after several decades.

6. The cabin will keep in the warmth. Once the cabin has been affected by insects or mold it loses its insulation properties. When it has been treated with antiseptics, it keeps warmth inside, meaning you do not pay more for heating.

7. No wood movement. As a natural material wood tends to contract and expand due to temperature fluctuation. As a result, the wood changes its color as well as easily cracking and consequently deteriorating. To prevent this process, antiseptic treatment is recommended.

8. Ecological awareness. Wood treated with antiseptics lasts much longer so you can enjoy your cabin for a long time and you won’t need to replace it with another one after several decades.

9. Money saving. A log cabin treated and maintained on a regular basis saves you a lot of money as you do not need to invest a lot into repair.

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