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Everything about wooden sheds

  • How to Prepare Your Wooden Shed for Garden Tool Storage in 5 Easy Steps

    Although it seems like just yesterday we were storing our garden tools, it’s already time to bring them back out! Now that spring is in the air, our hibernation is officially over. For some, the thought of getting started on a garden is exciting. Others are filled with dread over the thought of preparing their wooden shed for seasonal tool storage. If you prepared your building for winter, you should have minimal issues creating room. If you are like most people, your wooden shed is a mess not fit for the most unworthy garden tool. Not to fear! In 5 easy steps you can go from chaos to organization in almost no time! 5 Simple Steps to Wooden Storage Shed Bliss #1. Get Motivated First thing’s first: get motivated! Not many articles about organize include this step, but being psychologic... (More)
  • Things you Need to Know About Wooden Shed Protection from Moisture

    With Spring upon us, there are a few things you should do to get your wooden shed ready. Aside from the seasonal cleaning, there is something else you need to do. Protect your wooden shed from moisture. Although this can seem like an overwhelming task, it isn’t too hard if you know what you are doing. However, many people never give a thought about the effects of moisture on their wooden shed. If this sounds like you, there is no need to worry. This article will tell you the what you need to know about protecting your wooden shed from dampness. 11 Ways to Protect Your Wooden Shed from Moisture #1. Elevate the Floor If you are still in the stages where you can elevate the floor, do so. When the wooden shed itself sits too close to the ground, moisture from the ground below can wreak havo... (More)
  • Wooden Sheds: The Perfect Multi-purpose Property Upgrade

    Wooden sheds are a surprisingly versatile addition to your home. Functional, attractive and able to increase the worth of your property, real estate experts have been suggesting it as a simple way to boost the saleability of homes or just add something that they can use while letting value accrue. But what do you do with a wooden shed? Is it just a place to throw your gardening tools to forget about half the year? Actually, wooden sheds are great for several purposes, hence why the are becoming so popular. A Wooden Shed For Storage Wooden garages are usually seen as storage options, but the full potential of how they can be used are rarely understood when people have one. Sure, you could just shove some gardening tools and a bike or two in there and call it good. But then you would be lim... (More)
  • A shed for her

    A She Shed vs. A Man Cave For eons of time men have staked claim on their need for man caves, but what about the ladies? Don’t they have just as much right to a sacred space devoted solely to their hobbies or interests? The answer is a resounding “yes!” Welcome to the “She Shed.” More about wooden sheds here. What is a She Shed? Backyard sheds around the world are being revamped, redecorated, and repurposed into simple sanctuaries fit for a lady. The purpose of a She Shed is exactly the same as a Man Cave. It is a quiet space, free from distraction and full of what makes one happy. Whether it’s art, music, yoga or reading, She Sheds are a trend that’s hitting home—your guest home that is. Can I Afford a She Shed? A She Shed doesn’t have to be costly. If you have an exist... (More)
  • Wooden shed – Things to consider when choosing one

    So, you are thinking about buying a wooden shed but don’t know where to start. There’s quite a few things to consider like what type of timber to use, what design will suit you best, knowing what the building codes are in your area and whether or not you want to complete the task yourself or have a professional install the wooden shed and what you want in the shed. Below is an explanation of things to consider when choosing one. The different kinds of timber available to you might change depending on your area, so look around for what’s available. Consider what weather the wood will be in if the area you are is sunny and warm, humid, wet or in the snow. Some woods have natural resins in them that make them better for specific situations and to keep insects like termites away. Some c... (More)
  • What You Need To Know About Your Wooden Shed Exterior

    A wooden shed is a beautiful addition to your property. It looks good, has multiple purposes and the value added to your home far outweighs the investment of putting one up. But all of that work and money is lost if you fail to properly care for your shed and it is more than just making sure it doesn’t burn down. Wood requires regular upkeep to make sure it remains beautiful, functional and free of damage that can alter the overall structure of the shed. Here are the things you need to know to care for your wooden shed the right way. What Materials Are Best? First, consider the wood you will use for your shed. Most lower end wooden sheds (check there wooden sheds) are built with plywood, which is chosen because it is cost effective, easy to work with and easy/cheap to replace. The downs... (More)
  • Planning the Proper Foundation and Finishing For Your Wooden Shed

    There is a common saying that a house without a strong foundation can’t weather a storm. Why do people fail to realize that the same can be said about smaller structures, like a wooden shed? Many instances of people’s sheds being destroyed due to strong wind or pummeled with snow in wintertime can be seen and it all comes down to the same issue: those wooden sheds were not built on a strong foundation or finished as well as they should have been. Properly Caring For Wooden Sheds Metal sheds are easier to install and maintain because they don’t really require any work to be constructed. They mostly come prefabricated, they have their own settings to slam into the ground and keep it anchored and metal withstands most inclement weather. But there are downsides. Metal sheds are ugly eye... (More)
  • How To Prepare Your Wooden Shed For Winter

    Winter is right around the corner and before long snow will be coming down, blanketing the world in white. Is your wooden shed ready? You might not realize it but every winter that your shed goes through without proper preparation is another one where it is being weakened and damaged, bit by bit. Don’t wait to see major cracks, holes or warms in the exterior. Start getting things ready now so there is no long term damage...and so that the inside remains usable all year round, should you choose. Step One - Clean The Outside of Your Wooden Shed Getting the outside ready always starts by cleaning it. Through the year you have probably gathered dirt, dust, bit of debris...things you might not even see until you are looking for them. From leafs stuck between panels to dirt crusted into cor... (More)
  • Insulating your wooden shed or log cabin

    Nowadays, a trend for ecological foods, buildings and materials can be readily found all around us. More and more people are changing their habits and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle – one example of this is the building of eco-friendly homes. Over the last couple of years log cabin and wooden shed manufacturers have seen an increased demand in log houses as well as timber frame buildings. The main benefits of having a log cabin are its quick and easy assembly process, fair price and most importantly, its ecological merits.   Some log home owners decide not to insulate their cabins – mainly because they want to enjoy the natural look of the log cabins or wooden sheds. However, in order to keep your log cabin cool in the summer and warm during the cold winter nights, thermal ... (More)
  • Electric heating in a wooden shed

    As it is getting cooler and cooler outside, we have decided to talk a little bit about the heating in your wooden shed. Although, this is not going to be about the most cost-efficient ways to heat your cabin, rather we will talk about making your wooden shed or office warm and cozy very easily. We are going to talk about electric heating, which is often chosen for its reliability, and simplicity. It can be the main heat source in your house or a backup for another source. These heating systems are easy to use and they very rarely break. Electric heaters do not emit toxic fumes, your cabin or office will not be full of smoke, and you will not have to chop any wood or get your hands dirty with any other type of fuel. This type of heating is very safe and there is minimal risk of explosion ... (More)

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