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Everything about wooden sheds

  • Information about wooden sheds

    Wooden sheds and log cabins often attract their buyers because of a few simple reasons: low price, simple assembly, quick construction and on the whole no permission is required to build them up. These versatile structures can be used as a compact gym, garden studio, guest accommodation, extra storage space or even as a residence. As mentioned, one of the big advantages is that the cabin will normally not require planning permission – or the procedure will be simplified. Most sheds are manufactured from pine or spruce. Pine is much firmer and regarded as the most appropriate, whereas spruce is not as solid – nevertheless, it is much lighter and preserves the natural colors for a longer period of time and can be easier to paint. Twin-skin log cabins (manufactured interlocking two wal... (More)
  • Why you should treat your wooden shed?

    Wood is one of the best options for any construction, as it has a major positive impact on the final product, but at the same time you have to be aware that it is sensitive and has to be handled accordingly. Wood can be affected by both living beings and by the weather condition during the time of its use. Such unwanted guests like rodents and insects can severely damage the structure ‒ the damaged parts of the product could eventually lead to the collapse of the building. There is always a chance that your house will not meet any animals/insects in the area where your wooden shed is located but you will not be able to escape the weather conditions. Wood becomes most sensitive when it comes into contact with direct sunlight and humidity. The impact can have a double impact: the sunray... (More)
  • How to choose the right wooden shed

    A wooden shed is not a new type of building but it is becoming more and more popular due to its relatively low costs when compared with other structures. There are quite a lot of companies which offer this type of product, so it is easy to get lost when looking for the right solution, especially when prices can vary so much.  So, how should you navigate through this potential maze to find the best product? Credibility of the seller No doubt you want to buy from a company you trust and one option is to find out more information about the company by reading through their reviews on the relevant websites. Another way is to check the possibility of contacting previous clients who have already purchased products from the company ‒ this is probably the most honest feedback. Do not go for the... (More)

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