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Tips for owners of wooden garages and carports

Wooden garages like other wooden buildings require some special knowledge and maintenance every owner should know. Here you will get acknowledged with all the different features and benefits of wooden garages, how you can take care of them and how to avoid damage from pests and environment, how to keep them beautiful, durable and long lasting. If you are a new owner of wooden garage and have no idea where to start, you'll be able to find many useful tips of maintenance, interior and exterior ideas and other needed information.

  • 10 things you need to know about wooden garage heating

    When the weather is in the colder months, you might want to work, entertain friends and family, or sit and relax in your wooden garage. But, the cold is turning you off going inside. Keep reading below for ten things you need to know about wooden garage heating. Things to consider before construction 1) The site and site orientation When you know where you are going to be building a wooden garage, get to see the site. See how much space you have, and take into account that you will need a space between your structure and trees, fences or other similar things that are solid and close. Look to see what trees are around, they can be used for shade in the summer or might be in an area that lets sunlight in on cold days to warm the garage. 2) Design and construction materials When you’ve loo... (More)
  • Hangar wooden Garage

    Everyday people look to find the best solutions how to make the daily life easier. Having idea to get a workshop and at the same time thinking about the wooden garage for family cars the special design was needed. At first I was thinking about the brick building and after researching the prices and time scale for such option I decided to find some alternative option. This is just the wooden garage with the workshop, so no wish to spend too much on that. The timber building came to my mind as one of the neighbours had a log cabin in the back garden and it looked very good. I have asked him to share his experience with such type of products. To my surprise he could not state any negative aspects even he was using it already 3 years. He just warned me that the wooden building requires some ad... (More)
  • Simple techniques to protect the exterior of a wooden garage

    So, you have chosen your wooden garage, had it installed, and you have got it set up how you want it. You sit back and look at the structure and wonder if there’s anything more you can do to keep the garage maintained and the wood stable. Read ahead for some simple techniques to protect the exterior of a wooden garage. Firstly, think about the type of wood you will need for your wooden garage. Some types of wood are perfect for the sun, others for harsh winters, some are good in all seasons. Quality lumber will insulate you from the weather outside and will protect what’s inside the building. When you have got the structure up, clean the wood before painting or staining it. The reason why is because dust, dirt and other things can get on the wood. This means that when you have finishe... (More)
  • Interesting facts about wooden garages

    There are so many types of wooden garages that it can be hard to know what you want. So, here’s a bunch of interesting facts to help you decide what you want and what suits your needs. Many options are prefabricated and don’t take long to put up. Some wooden garages are for cars and just cars. Whether it is one or two cars, there won’t be much room for anything else. The garages do the job they are supposed to do and nothing more. These are great if all you want is somewhere to store your cars and come prefab for easy setup. A wooden carport is suitable as a cheap option to protect your cars and keep them fresh. The carports can come in different sizes, from single vehicles to multiple vehicles. There’s also an option to have a carport with a shed, and that adds to the appeal. A s... (More)
  • Steps on making your wooden garage warm

    The cold period is a big change of the living cycle for every creature including the human being. It is important to take care of yourself and it is also important to take care of your belongings which can also be affected. One of the log products which should not be forgotten is the wooden garage. Of course, you do not live in it, but there are so many things that you keep in it. The list of items in the garage starts with the car and finishes with all the equipment used to take care of the garden. It might be that you have already tried to a keep your garage warm and were disappointed with the result. This article offers a few effective steps on how the garage can be kept warm and comfortable. Seal and close the windows: you have to inspect every window in the log cabin to make sure the... (More)
  • Things To Consider When Buying Wooden Garages

    Wooden garages have become the latest design trend to really sweep the real estate market. Beautiful, functional and sturdy, they add immediate value to your home. Part of it is the way they look, as it increases the aesthetic regardless of the rest of the property. But durability it another major factor in its value as wood can be longer lasting and better produced than many of its sheet metal counterparts. If you are considering purchasing a wooden garage here are some things to consider. What Will Your Wooden Garage Be Used For? There is a common misconception among first time homeowners in particular about what it is a garage is used for. Sure, it can be a place to park a car, but it is so much more than that. For instance, will it only hold one car? Two? Three? Will other projects, s... (More)
  • Should I Install Rain Pipes In My Wooden Garage?

    There are a lot of reasons to buy a wooden garage over a metal one. For one thing, it isn’t such an eyesore. Metal shacks aren’t particularly attractive, while wooden ones are more rustic and can help set a ton for your property. Another reason is the value it adds to your house. You would be surprised by how much difference it can make in the price tag if or when you choose to sell your home. It is considered an upgrade and can be a deciding factor for a buyer. It stands out, where a metal garage is just something people ignore other than ascertaining the size. But if you get a wooden garage you need to care for it properly. One way to do that is by installing some rain pipes to the outside. Why Rain Pipes Are So Important Rain pipes? Aren’t those just for houses? Actually, they ar... (More)
  • Wooden Garage Door Maintenance

    A well-maintained garage door is key to a long life of a garage. This is the part that will be used the most and will have most wear and tear, therefore it has to be looked after properly. Wooden garage  doors are especially important in heated garages, as this is where most of the cold air will come through if it is not in mint condition. Even if the garage is not heated, cracked or broken seals will allow dust and draft into the garage. In many house designs, the garage will be situated under a room, and if there is cold air coming into the garage, this will also affect the overall warmth and heating bills of the house. The first step of maintaining your garage door is cleaning it! If your garage door is made from steel, you might occasionally find some rust on it, in which case it wil... (More)
  • Building a Wooden Carport

    If you are tired of seeing your car covered with bird feces, leaves, dust and dirt and do not have enough space for a garage – a wooden carport is the best solution for you. Carports are free standing structures that are normally used for vehicle protection. Moreover, if you decide to sell your house a carport will increase the value or you can simply pack it away and take it with you, too. There are two ways to go about the building procedure of a carport – you can either build it from scratch or buy one in a kit form online. Carports are normally made of wood as well as metal, however we can all agree that the timber one looks better. An important factor to the whole procedure is getting the right permit to build – your county will assist with that. Each county has their own rule... (More)
  • Want a Wooden Garage? Here Is What You Need To Know About Wooden Walls

    A major trend in the real estate world is the wooden garage. Attractive and a little more costly than metal models, people are viewing it as an investment for multiple reasons. Most people will ask how much they cost and leave it at that (between $800 and $5000 on average, depending on size, style and customization). But there are some other things you should really know before you get one of these lovely structures. Wood Requires Upkeep The first thing to keep in mind is that wooden garages don’t stay naturally cared for. With metal walls you are pretty much only obligated to occasionally wipe them down to keep pollutants and allergens at bay. But a wooden wall needs some more maintenance to make sure it remains in top condition. Every three to five years you will need to restain the w... (More)

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