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Hangar wooden Garage

Everyday people look to find the best solutions how to make the daily life easier. Having idea to get a workshop and at the same time thinking about the wooden garage for family cars the special design was needed.wooden-garage-1

At first I was thinking about the brick building and after researching the prices and time scale for such option I decided to find some alternative option. This is just the wooden garage with the workshop, so no wish to spend too much on that.

The timber building came to my mind as one of the neighbours had a log cabin in the back garden and it looked very good. I have asked him to share his experience with such type of products. To my surprise he could not state any negative aspects even he was using it already 3 years. He just warned me that the wooden building requires some additional attention like placing the treatment or painting it every 1-2 years.

I started to inspect the companies which offers wooden buildings. As all of us I used google to find the feedback of the clients and decided to write to 3 companies with the same request. One company could not offer the customized design to meet my needs, the other one did not reply to my enquiry (!) and the third gave me all I needed.

Quick Garden offered to choose any design from their standard range and the option would be modified to the required size and high.

They were not pushy just offered to start working on the final drawing which is a free of charge service. As the drawing was ideal and the price was good I decided to go ahead.

To receive the customized structure it took about 6 weeks. By that time I managed to find local team to prepare the base.  The reinforced base preparation with the special concrete fence in the back was prepared for $7,145.00. The area where we wanted to build the wooden garage was not levelled and the slope was quote big. The builders offered to dig up the higher part and to install concrete fence to make sure that in the worst case scenario the soil will not reach the garage. The size of the base is 20' x 33'. I consider the decision to use a concrete fence is ideal as it looks nice and I am not stressed when we have heavy rain.


When wooden garage arrived it was raining and the builders could not start their job. The pallets were perfectly wrapped in plastic and I was insured that weather conditions will not affect the timber for 1-2 weeks.

And finally we were granted with the weather. It took 2 days for 3 builders to put the garage up. I find it really quickly from zero to the finished product!

The quality of the wooden garage is grate and I would like to mark out the garage doors. They has a metal frame from inside and the long metal hinges from outside. Looks and feel really solid.


The only thing which was left to be done by myself was treatment of the cabin.

I have chosen a very easy way. Did not want to make any other researches and just asked Quick Garden team what they recommend. From all their listed brands I went for Sadolin Quick Drying Wood Preserver. I needed 10 cans of 2.5l which cost me $290.00. It took me 3-4 hours to spray two coats on exterior walls and one coat on internal wall. I am on the way to put some paint on it as the idea was to make it brownish red to meet the colour of our house.


Now it is perfect to take the dry and warm car from the wooden garage. All the equipment of the workshop is already there. For those who wants quick solution and quality for the money option I recommend timber garage!

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