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Gardening tips

  • Old Time Garden Tips

    Over time, people have embraced modern farming methods, hoping to make their gardens more productive. Though these methods are great, there are tons of old time garden tips which you can use which won’t cost you much and which will have equally great results. Light Matters We all know that plants require adequate access to water and light if they are to grow at an optimum. In this way, you need to place outdoor plants in locations where they can thrive under at least six hours of sunlight each day, though the duration differs based on the species. For indoor plants, you need to move them to the light for at least three days a week and while doing so, you should rotate them to ensure that every side gets enough light. You can also place them permanently near a south-facing window as you ... (More)
  • How to plant a peach tree

    Peaches are very reliable trees. They not only grow fast but they also produce fruits within a few years of planting, thus making them an excellent addition to your outdoor space. Think of how attractive they would look against your wooden shed (check there wooden sheds) and the shade that they would provide on those hot summer days. There are two main ways in which you can grow these trees. The first method involves producing a tree from a pit. While this method is effective at most times and is an affordable option, most gardeners tend to shun it owing to the time taken for fruits to develop. If you go down this route, you should enjoy your first harvest in about three to four years, The other option involves getting a young tree from a nursery. Given that such trees have often establi... (More)
  • Beetroot Juice Benefits

    A beetroot is a sweet vegetable that you love or hate. As you can tell from the name, a beet is actually a root. So, will refer to these veggies as beet and beetroot interchangeably. No matter what you call it or how you feel about it, beetroot now widely recognized as a superfood. Here’s how beetroot juice benefits can help you! Benefit #1: Improves Stamina Drinking beet juice has been shown to increase plasma nitrate levels. This increases your ability to perform exercise. It also reduces your maximum oxygen output by opening up your vessels so there is more for your muscles. Who doesn’t want increased stamina at the gym? Pro Tip: Drink in the morning for a healthy pick me up! Benefit #2: Improves Skin Tone We all try to improve our skin from without, but what if I told you beetroot... (More)
  • Gardening on a Slope: Tips and Tricks

    Do you love to garden? Have you been avoiding it because your backyard is a slope? If you answered yes to both these questions, we are here to help. Today, we will give you the 16 most important tips and tricks to keep in mind when gardening on a slope. 16 Tips and Tricks for Gardening on a Slope #1. Add Terraces A few terraces can add a lot of character as well as a lot of gardening opportunities. On these terraces, you can add quite a few containers or even a whole raised bed. On one of the terraces you should think about putting a wooden shed (check there wooden sheds kits) to make getting to your tools much easier. The sky, and the space you have available, is the only limit! #2. Build a Retaining Wall Retaining walls work very well to separate spaces in a sloping yard. It also allow... (More)
  • Raised garden bed soil: Tips and Tricks

    Raised garden bed soil is arguably the most important factor in raising a healthy garden. Without proper soil amendment, you may not even get your favorite plants to grow at all! Don’t know how? Don’t worry! You have come to the right place. Whether you are new to gardening or it is old hat, you can benefit from our list of tips and trick. Without further ado, let’s get started! Tips and Tricks to Healthy Raised Bed Garden Soil #1. Companion Plant If you are new to the concept of companion planting, it is extremely easy. There are certain plants that can be placed in the same garden bed that help each other grow. Some plants have insect-repelling qualities that other plants don’t. This method is a way to avoid having to keep track of what you plant where. One plant provides the nu... (More)
  • How to Plant a Lemon Tree for All Gardening Levels

    The availability of fresh, ripe citrus fruits is one of the best things about summertime! While all citrus plants are different and require different care, the lemon may be the easiest type of citrus to grow. In fact, there are 3 different ways to do so. Do you want to plant your lemons inside or outside? By seed or by growth? In this article, we will explore the ways in which you can plant your lemon tree. By the end, you will have recognized the best method for you and feel confident to tackle it on your own! How to Plant a Lemon Tree 3 Ways From Seed Prepare your potting soil. In a large container or bucket, combine well-draining soil and water until the soil feels damp. Then, mix the mess until all of the soil is damp evenly. Too wet, and the seeds will rot. We recommend purchasing so... (More)
  • 5 Indoor Gardening Ideas Anyone Can Use

    Are you looking for some inspiration for your indoor garden? You’ve come to the right place! Today, we are going to give you 5 of our favorite gardening ideas that anyone can use. That’s right, with just a few simple steps you can have a beautiful area you have always dreamt about! Top 5 Indoor Gardening Ideas #1: The Small Spaces Need Mesh If you are like many people, you live in an apartment. That’s great, except there isn’t always a lot of room for indoor gardening. Not to fear! We’ve gathered this idea just for you! Lack of space is no longer an excuse. 1. Decide where to put the steel mesh. Steel mesh is the key to this whole operation. If you can hang things in your home, you can hang this mesh on a wall or multiple walls. If not, you can simply lay it down on a flat surfa... (More)
  • How to Become a Master Gardener

    Has it always been a dream of yours to be considered a master gardener? Are you constantly looking for new ways to improve your landscape? Do you love your outdoor space more than some family members? If any of the above sounds like you, we are here to help! In this article, you will learn some of our top master gardening tips. Not to mention, you get a chance to read about your favorite subject! Stay tuned for our top tips! Tip #1: Remember that Gardening is a Skill This may be the best piece of advice we give you all day. Although the term “green thumb” gets thrown around a lot, the truth is that every master garden has had to put in a lot of time, money, and effort to get to where they are today. Becoming the best at anything takes plenty of patience. Tip #2: You Can’t Control Ev... (More)
  • How to Start a Vegetable Garden: A Beginner’s Guide

    Have you always dreamed of canning your own homegrown veggies? Does the sight of your neighbor’s backyard garden make you green with envy? Are you dying to get outside in the dirt, but don’t know where to start? You’re in luck! We’ve put together some of the hottest tips and tricks for how to begin a vegetable garden. Vegetable Gardens for Beginners You, like many others are about to get into the awesome world of vegetable gardening. Before we begin, just know this activity is highly rewarding and highly addicting! Once you start, you don’t want to stop! The following are the best ways a beginner can set up their own vegetable garden near their log cabin. Pick the Perfect Location There are many factors that go into picking the perfect location for your new edible garden. Howeve... (More)

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