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Old Time Garden Tips

Over time, people have embraced modern farming methods, hoping to make their gardens more productive. Though these methods are great, there are tons of old time garden tips which you can use which won’t cost you much and which will have equally great results.

Light Matters

We all know that plants require adequate access to water and light if they are to grow at an optimum. In this way, you need to place outdoor plants in locations where they can thrive under at least six hours of sunlight each day, though the duration differs based on the species. For indoor plants, you need to move them to the light for at least three days a week and while doing so, you should rotate them to ensure that every side gets enough light. You can also place them permanently near a south-facing window as you rotate them now and then. Failure to do this will result in curved plants as they try to reach the light.

Sweet Potatoes

Do you want to enhance the look of your indoors or outdoors? While you could always go with flowers which exude vibrance in the spaces, you could also opt to have a vine. For this, you require a hanging basket where you can grow the sweet potato, ensuring that there is adequate access to water and light. Additionally, make sure that the soil is rich in nutrients if you want to enjoy a healthy plant. The dark green leaves will be quite a sight to behold.

Flower Management

We all want our flowers to last for a long time and for a flower to achieve this longevity it is important that care practices start from the minute you cut them from the plant. For one, do not lay them on top of each other when you are arranging them as this will bruise some of them, reducing their lifespan. The key lies in handling the flowers gently.

Also, when cutting them, aim for a long slant as this allows them to absorb more water while in vases and they thus last longer. You need to change the water often to ensure that they soak up clean water and you can add sugar or camphor to it to add some freshness.

People often think that flowers have a short lifespan but they can last as much as four days without need for replacement if they receive the gentle care that they need. Take roses as an example. Start by cutting their stems short before removing most of the green parts. You can then place them in a shallow vase, ensuring that they are in a thick bunch. If the vase has adequate fresh water, the plants will keep for a very long time.

Ensure that there are no leaves beneath the water as these will affect the lifespan of the flowers. As the leaves decay, they will poison the water which the flowers will then absorb.

Once you cut flowers, you should work on hardening them before you move them to vases as this will enable them to last longer. The base of the stems will give you a clear picture as to how fresh they are. Given that they are straight from the garden, start by placing the stems in deep and cool water in a large jar. The jar should remain in a cool place before you start arranging the flowers and this should take a few hours. In this way, the flowers will absorb a lot of water, which will enable them to stay fresh for a long time. You can now snip off a little from each stem before moving the flowers to vases. Ensure that you change the water each day as you re-cut the bases.

Rearranging Flowers

When the lower blossoms of flowers, such as gladioli fade, you can cut them down before rearranging them in lower vases till you get to the last blossom. Take the tips of the flowers on a dish which you can use to decorate various spaces in your wooden gadren house such as the dining area. Where you have fully opened flowers, you can use these as statement pieces.

Sick Plants

If any of your plants are weak, you can easily treat the condition without reaching for chemicals. Start by crushing some eggshells and placing them in a jar filled with milk. Allow the eggshells to remain in the jar for a day. You can now use the mixture when watering your plants and you should see an improvement in their health. Take the example of ailing ferns, for these plants, you can use a mixture of six pints of warm water and half a cup of salt. This mixture also works for other plants.

Where you have an issue with worm infestation, you can solve this by sticking matches into the soil, ensuring that the sulfur end is in the dirt. The number of matches will depend on the size of the plant. For a medium-sized plant, four matches will do; for a large plant, aim to use six matches or thereabouts.

Gardening Tips

Suppose you enjoy being in the garden but want to avoid dirty fingernails at the end of the session, you can apply soap beneath the nails before commencing any work. An easy way to do this would be by grazing your hand on wet soap. At the end of your gardening, rinsing out the dirt will not call for much effort.

What do you do with the tops of your pineapples? You can create quite a sight by taking the top and placing it in a jar of water. Under these conditions, the top will root and sprout and will create a somewhat exotic plant which has palm-like features. It should create a great setting for your indoor decorations.

Pot Preparation

Where you wish to waterproof your pots, you can dip them into melted paraffin. It will sink into the pores and your work will be done.

Can you think of any other old time garden tips which may come in handy in your gardening?

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