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Monthly Archives: November 2017

  • How To Prepare Your Wooden Shed For Winter

    Winter is right around the corner and before long snow will be coming down, blanketing the world in white. Is your wooden shed ready? You might not realize it but every winter that your shed goes through without proper preparation is another one where it is being weakened and damaged, bit by bit. Don’t wait to see major cracks, holes or warms in the exterior. Start getting things ready now so there is no long term damage...and so that the inside remains usable all year round, should you choose. Step One - Clean The Outside of Your Wooden Shed Getting the outside ready always starts by cleaning it. Through the year you have probably gathered dirt, dust, bit of debris...things you might not even see until you are looking for them. From leafs stuck between panels to dirt crusted into cor... (More)
  • Is It Worth Installing Heated Flooring In a Log Cabin?

    A log cabin comes with a number of positive features that make it a desirable option for real estate. For instance, there is the general look of the cabin that makes it feel more rustic and traditional than more modern McMansions that have become the suburban norm. Then there is the long lasting quality of wood, so it can easily be a house that is passed from generation to generation. Perhaps one of the biggest pros that cabin owners talk about is the customization. You can add anything you like to make it 100% your own. It gives you the ability to make your dream house and who doesn’t want that? Heated Floors...Aren’t Those a Pointless Luxury? One upgrade that is becoming more common is installing heated flooring. This is a climate control system that is laid under the wood, tile or ... (More)
  • Myths about log cabins

    A house constructed from logs is only suitable for holidays and weekends Log cabins are as good for living as any other buildings made from other types of materials. They are cozy, warm and perfect for using as a permanent residence. The only difference from any other building is the material used to build it. Log cabins can easily burn down Timber is used for different purposes and even though it is flammable, there are special treatments with non-combustible materials which prevent the wood from burning. In terms of combustibility, they are no different than houses constructed from brick. A wooden house has a short lifespan Looking at the real history and facts of this leads us to discover that even today we can find wooden houses which were built 600 years ago and with today's tech... (More)
  • Everything You Need To Know About Manufacturing Kits To Make Your Own Log Cabins

    Did you know you can build your own log cabins? Or that you can hire someone to make one for a fraction of the cost of building most houses? When people think about creating a house from scratch they think in terms of hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes as much as into the millions. They imagine hiring contractors to lay foundations, do drywall, wire electricity, put in plumbing...years of expensive, back breaking work. The truth is there is a better alternative for those who want a gorgeous dwelling within a specific set of time or on a strict budget. Your perfect home is just a manufacturing kit away. What Are Manufacturing Kits? A manufacturing kit is a prefab wooden cottage or log cabin (more information about prefab log cabin kits) that has all of the parts included. All th... (More)
  • Well in your yard near the log cabin

    If you have a log cabin in your garden, most likely you would like to plant some organics (cucumbers, tomatoes or anything that grows in the ground!) Sure enough, water supply is the most crucial part of the whole process and often this might be a problem – what are the alternatives if a pond is absent in your garden or there is no centralized water supply? Well the answer is quite simple – it is a well! Depending on the type of construction, a well can be classed as a borehole, or a tubular or traditional well which are dug by hand. However, before proceeding with any of this, it is crucial to landscape your garden and discover the location where the water comes closest to the surface. You can achieve this in a number of ways – some people believe that animals gather closer to the... (More)

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