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Tips for Decorating Your Mobile Home Interior For Less

Mobile homes are a convenient choice when it comes to houses. Cheap, easy to maintain and able to be placed pretty much anywhere, it is becoming a popular real estate alternative to other dwellings that might be out of the home buyer’s price range, or just doesn’t work with their lifestyle.


But how do you go about making a mobile home feel like a safe space? It all comes down to the way you decorate it.

The Trick to Mobile Home Interior Decorating

Mobile homes are seriously lacking in space, both single and double wides. That can be a strength in many ways, but the drawback is that it is easy to feel cramped and uncomfortable there.

Getting past that can be hard, because any interior decorating you do may be hindered by the very design you try to implement. The trick is to give the illusion of space while also utilizing the space you have as much as possible.

A great place to go for mobile home decorating ideas is Pinterest. Here are some of the cutest (and budget friendly) on the platform.

Cheap Mobile Home Decorating Tips You Gotta Try

Recycled Wood Porch - DIY your own wooden porch using recycled, or even gathered, lumber. This fascinating little project uses thick branches as the canopy, then slats as the majority of the raised platform. They add some fairy lights to give it a nice touch. If this seems like too much work, there are prefab porches you can buy and erect for mobile homes, but they won’t have the unique or rustic touch of this one.

Grey and White Bathroom - Bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in any house and it can seem like there isn’t much that can be done in them due to that size issue. Being careful with your color scheme can make a huge difference. Just look at this amazing before and after. They painted over the floor tiles to make it blindingly white, including the old grout and even the cabinets. They added a few coats of grey to the walls and went for an extra long shower curtain with stripes. Then they added a couple of pictures to round it out and give a splash of color.

  • DIY Paneled Doors - Doors are often overlooked when it comes to design because we take them for granted. In mobile homes they are usually the cheap, ugly looking wooden things that can throw off every other aspect of your design. So stop avoiding them! It is time to make them a part of your house’s aesthetic. This is an excellent and easy to do panel door that just requires a bit of wood, adhesive or nails and some paint. You could do it with any color, though they use white in the example. The panels give it something a little extra to add depth to your room even if you don’t always notice where that depth is coming from.

MIrror Storage Cupboard - It was mentioned before that you should be trying to make the best use of your space in your mobile home. This is an awesome idea that combines design with functionality, using an opening cupboard to also store items in the bathroom. This could be used in any room and the distressed wood of the frame makes it an attractive feature piece. If you would prefer something a little more modern you could use polished or painted wood, or even buy a metal piece.


Wine Rack Towel Holder - This is a fun little idea that has been circulating the small apartment blogs for years. You use a wine rack (they can be bought used online, or new at stores like Walmart or Amazon) and use rolled up towels inside of each holder. You can also use shelf style racks that hang on the wall and fold in your towels. Another interesting idea along the same vein is to use baskets attached to the wall for storage.

Angled Shelves - Want something for the living room or bedroom that doesn’t take up any floor space? Eliminate the need for cupboards with angled shelves placed into the corner of rooms. They are great for books, movies, decoration, or even clothing and towels. By using a cheaper method of storage like this, you can spend more on items to go on it (think a stereo or smarthome system).


Partial Space Wallpaper - This is one of the cheapest and easiest interior design hacks imaginable. All you need is a little wallpaper...that is it. Take some wallpaper, put it on one room behind large items and you are done. It add immediate depth and provides a feature wall with next to no money or effort.

Entertainment Shelves - Just look at how much better the after is to the before. This awesome ides uses shelves to create an entertainment and living room system alongside some nice personal touches. In the pic they mount the TV to the wall, but you could easily use the shelf as a stand.


Recycled Wood Pot Hangers -  This is such a simple idea it is amazing that it hasn’t  been used more. You simply take some pieces of recycled wood, mount them to the wall and add in hooks. It shows them hanging pots, but you could hang anything on a similar setup: coats and umbrellas, keys, other cooking is a versatile concept.

“Wicker” Basket- This is one of those cute ideas that add a personal touch to your mobile home but for dirt cheap. Wicker baskets can be as much as $20 a piece for a medium sized one. Why not make one for a couple bucks? All you need is some glue, an old shipping box, some twine, scissors and old fabric. You wrap the twine around the box, securing it with glu as you go, then put in the fabric and secure it to the inside. Easy and looks great, all for next to no cash.

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  • It's interesting to know that you can build a porch for your mobile home with recycled wood. My husband bought a mobile home for our vacation, and I'm looking for advice to decorate it. I will seriously consider adding a recycled wood porch to make it look unique.

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