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Monthly Archives: December 2017

  • Things To Consider When Buying Wooden Garages

    Wooden garages have become the latest design trend to really sweep the real estate market. Beautiful, functional and sturdy, they add immediate value to your home. Part of it is the way they look, as it increases the aesthetic regardless of the rest of the property. But durability it another major factor in its value as wood can be longer lasting and better produced than many of its sheet metal counterparts. If you are considering purchasing a wooden garage here are some things to consider. What Will Your Wooden Garage Be Used For? There is a common misconception among first time homeowners in particular about what it is a garage is used for. Sure, it can be a place to park a car, but it is so much more than that. For instance, will it only hold one car? Two? Three? Will other projects, s... (More)
  • The interior design of your log cabin

    Many people think of their log cabins as not only the most secure place to be but also as a place to relax and stretch your legs in a cozy environment after a hard day at work. With the home taking such an important role in your life, you need to start thinking about decorating it to make it look unique. Decorating log cabins may prove a bit more challenging than a conventional house. If you are having difficulties decorating your interior, have a look at some of these tips and tricks and maybe you will find some inspiration! Remember the most important rule: There are no rules! You can do whatever you want with your home. Many people have the assumption that a timber house needs old furniture and a rustic feel. This is not the case, if you want your timber home to have a modern, contem... (More)
  • 10 Tips For Reducing The Energy Costs In Your Prefab Log Home

    Having a prefab log home is great. It is a gorgeous home to have, with rich, natural tones. It is environmentally more friendly than many of the non biodegradable materials found in modern houses, and sturdier as well. With greener chemicals for staining and recycled lumber you can lessen your impact while ending up with the perfect dwelling. But one thing that isn’t so swell with any house, wooden or not, is the cost of energy to power it. Thankfully there are many ways you can reduce those. 1. Add a New Damper To Your Chimney - So much air escapes out of your chimney, you would be amazed at how much it is costing you. Blocking it off entirely is the last thing most people want to do, as a roaring fire in a log cabin is a dream of many. Instead you should invest in a new damp that ca... (More)
  • Insulating your log cabin - a great investment!

    Insulating your home has been a crucial part of maintaining your home for a while now. Recently it has become increasingly popular to go green and take care of the planet! One of the main concerns for homeowners is reducing their heating costs and spending the least amount possible on bills. An insulated house makes sure that your energy bills will stay low. In this entry we are going to talk about insulating a log cabin which is a topic not often touched upon. Insulated log cabins are amongst the most energy-efficient houses out there. Furthermore, insulating your log cabin reduces carbon dioxide emissions, which are a major greenhouse gas. Insulation will help retain heat in the winter and keep your cabin cool in the summer, which may reduce your energy costs on heating and cooling by ... (More)
  • Should I Install Rain Pipes In My Wooden Garage?

    There are a lot of reasons to buy a wooden garage over a metal one. For one thing, it isn’t such an eyesore. Metal shacks aren’t particularly attractive, while wooden ones are more rustic and can help set a ton for your property. Another reason is the value it adds to your house. You would be surprised by how much difference it can make in the price tag if or when you choose to sell your home. It is considered an upgrade and can be a deciding factor for a buyer. It stands out, where a metal garage is just something people ignore other than ascertaining the size. But if you get a wooden garage you need to care for it properly. One way to do that is by installing some rain pipes to the outside. Why Rain Pipes Are So Important Rain pipes? Aren’t those just for houses? Actually, they ar... (More)
  • How to decorate your log cabin in a country farm style

    7 ways to decorate your log cabin in a country farm style Our life has become so influenced by high-tech electronic gadgets and modern lifestyle that one frequently finds it difficult to detach oneself from the modern environment of the office. When we're at work, we are surrounded by minimalistic modern style and we tend to project this environment on to our home environment. As a result, our home environment is not that different from the office one, it is just that the laptop is replaced by a plasma TV. Such minimalistic lifestyle becomes even more burdensome when you come back after a vacation where you have spent days and nights in a cozy cottage or a farmhouse. No doubt, farm style makes us feel relaxed and takes us back in time. Have you ever thought how wonderful it would be to re... (More)

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