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Monthly Archives: October 2017

  • Electric heating in a wooden shed

    As it is getting cooler and cooler outside, we have decided to talk a little bit about the heating in your wooden shed. Although, this is not going to be about the most cost-efficient ways to heat your cabin, rather we will talk about making your wooden shed or office warm and cozy very easily. We are going to talk about electric heating, which is often chosen for its reliability, and simplicity. It can be the main heat source in your house or a backup for another source. These heating systems are easy to use and they very rarely break. Electric heaters do not emit toxic fumes, your cabin or office will not be full of smoke, and you will not have to chop any wood or get your hands dirty with any other type of fuel. This type of heating is very safe and there is minimal risk of explosion ... (More)
  • Information about wooden sheds

    Wooden sheds and log cabins often attract their buyers because of a few simple reasons: low price, simple assembly, quick construction and on the whole no permission is required to build them up. These versatile structures can be used as a compact gym, garden studio, guest accommodation, extra storage space or even as a residence. As mentioned, one of the big advantages is that the cabin will normally not require planning permission – or the procedure will be simplified. Most sheds are manufactured from pine or spruce. Pine is much firmer and regarded as the most appropriate, whereas spruce is not as solid – nevertheless, it is much lighter and preserves the natural colors for a longer period of time and can be easier to paint. Twin-skin log cabins (manufactured interlocking two wal... (More)
  • Giving your log cabin a finishing touch

    Log cabins do not require any special finish: the natural texture of the wood gives a perfect decoration to the cabin. Moreover, since it is made from natural material, a log cabin 'breathes' and allows you to breathe freely and to avoid any feeling of being suffocated. Once the cabin has been erected, it needs to be treated and painted. Once the cabin has been coated with wood preserver and painted, you can be sure that it is protected from moisture, insects and fungus. It is highly recommended that this procedure is repeated on a regular basis, for example, annually. Obviously, once it has been painted it will also look more attractive. When it comes to the interior walls, they can be protected with oil. Oil makes the structure of the wood more vivid, protects it from soiling and unlik... (More)

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