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Giving your log cabin a finishing touch

Log cabins do not require any special finish: the natural texture of the wood gives a perfect decoration to the cabin. Moreover, since it is made from natural material, a log cabin 'breathes' and allows you to breathe freely and to avoid any feeling of being suffocated.

Once the cabin has been erected, it needs to be treated and painted. Once the cabin has been coated with wood preserver and painted, you can be sure that it is protected from moisture, insects and fungus. It is highly recommended that this procedure is repeated on a regular basis, for example, annually. Obviously, once it has been painted it will also look more attractive.

When it comes to the interior walls, they can be protected with oil. Oil makes the structure of the wood more vivid, protects it from soiling and unlike varnish does not crack with time. You can also paint the cabin from the inside with special paint. Varnish is not recommended for the inside of the cabin as it blocks the timber’s pores and prevents it from breathing.

Obviously, it takes some effort to maintain a log cabin, however, it is definitely worth buying since the construction of the cabin is very simple and it adds a nice decorative feature to your garden.

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