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Organizing a party in your log cabin or shed

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Every now and then you gather up with your friends to spend some time together – because it’s the time that you spend with your loved ones that matters the most. Throwing a party can never be an easy task, especially if you have an abundance of occasions to feast on – your guests will always be happy to come especially if your parties stand out from your regular Friday catching up.

A great spot to throw a party at is a log cabin! Even if you have not done it before it will be easy as you can simply change the theme and decorations and the cabin will still be the highlight of the show.

It is important to get all of the crucial bits together before sending out the invites. Make sure you take care of the drink, food and decorations! Once that it is all done send the invites out to your friends, colleagues, neighbors or cousins! Keeping all of them busy is an important part of the party so make sure you prepare some games in advance. Karaoke, twister or some sort of card game is a great activity to work on during a party!

Depending on the occasion, some partial decoration inside of your log cabin is crucial. Make sure you do not overdo it though – keep it simple and minimalistic, no matter what theme it is.

When it comes to deciding what sort of food you want to serve to your guests, make sure you prepare it in advance as you do not want to spend all of your time in the kitchen of the cabin. The guests want to enjoy the party as much as you do, so take some time off! Make sure that the food served is popular and allergen free – no nuts, mushrooms etc. are involved. I would rather spend some money on a wider selection of wine as that is the drink that most of the people enjoy.

Finally, make sure you set your budget in advance. Usually people hosting parties tend to spend a fortune – if you plan your budget in advance and set up limits for snacks, food and drinks you will be fine.

One thought on “Organizing a party in your log cabin or shed”

  • Thanks for the advice to keep the party simple. That's always been a struggle for me since I like to make events like these pretty extravagant. Aside from that, I think having a party in a cabin is an awesome idea.

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