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Information for owners of log houses

Before you think about owning a log house there is some information you should know. The features of wood, the construction of log houses, benefits and disadvantages, maintenance, renovation, pest control and log home quality assurance are only a few factors that you should know. All information and useful tips provided here, will answer most questions that owners of log houses have. Now everything you need can be found on our website.

  • Buying Land For Your New Cabin

    Not everyone has a large enough property to add a summer home to the back yard. Even if you do, it might not be the space you’re looking for. Many city-folk crave the quiet solitude that a cabin in the woods or by the lake brings. So, what is the best way to find the perfect building lot for your cabin? Employ A Professional Utilizing a professional realtor that specializes in recreational property is a great way to make the process of finding the right building plot a little easier. Whether you are looking for a secluded spot deep in the woods or a lakeside lot on the bank of your favorite fishing spot, an experienced real estate professional can be invaluable. They should also be familiar with important guidelines and regulations like building permits, septic tanks, private or shared ... (More)
  • How to create a cozy log cabin interior

    When looking for a new home you are looking for something you would enjoy from inside and outside and definitely log cabin can grant you with all. It does not make any difference where the log cabin is build in the woods or in the metropolitan area as it keeps specific atmosphere under any circumstances. The feel of the nature and experience of the comfortable daily life is the biggest benefit of the wooden houses. No doubt that the target of interior finish is to keep the cozy look and it can be achieved in different ways.  Moreover there are quite a lot of different thing which you have to go through to decide what the interior in the cabin should be. The process can be quite easy and we have prepared the simple tips which will assist to achieve the best result. So lets go through the ... (More)
  • Insulating your log cabin. Things everyone should know

    Among other things, climate change is making a difference in our pockets these days by adding to our heating costs, meaning that insulating your log cabin is probably going to be mandatory. There are quite a few options when it comes to insulation; so which should you choose? If your house is not going to be insulated by a professional, you should probably go for insulation rolls rather than the bulk ones. Choosing the material which it is made from is also a factor you will need to consider. Types include synthetic, mineral, or plant-based insulation. All types of insulation have two main problems: thermal bridges and water permeability. Thermal bridges are usually gaps in the insulation, such as the places where sheets of insulation connect. These small gaps are points where heat might... (More)

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