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Advantages of prefabricated log cabins

Usually when people talk about log cabins they link them to the houses for holidays or forest areas. In reality 90% of log houses are the primary residence of their owners and 80% of the cabins are located in a metropolitan area.

Wood is a great natural material for the building of residential cabins. This resource is self-renewing and causes less damage to the environment than any other industrial created construction material. Wood is an easy to handle material compared to the likes of aluminum, glass, brick, stone or glass.

All log cabins come in two types - handcrafted or manufactured. Modular or manufactured log cabins are made of uniform milled logs that are marked with numbers, packed and can be easily installed. A log that has been put through a saw mill becomes a milled log. Handcrafted log homes require special skills; craftsmen prepare every single log giving it a shape to fit its place. This work is very time consuming and costly.

The idea that owning a prefabricated log cabin means compromising on quality is absolutely false. In fact, prefabrication can even mean higher quality and more durability. Prefabrication is just the term used to describe the process. This definition means that the parts are fabricated in a factory and construction consists of standardized parts. Prefabrication refers to the making of the different size parts of log cabins in a highly controlled environment, similar to any other line-type system and construction.

Prefabricated log buildings for the most part are built in the factory and delivered to the site in sections, panels, modules etc. There are quite a lot of advantages of already built houses as compared to the handcrafted structures. The main ones are listed below:

Quick assembly: Prefabricated log cabins take a significantly shorter time to build. Therefore, if your needs include a fast solution to buy and build a residential structure, this is the best option. The timescale for a log cabin to be manufactured in the factory and transported to your premises is about 2 months. It will be assembled within 10-15 days and you can immediately enjoy your new house. In comparison, a traditional house takes at least a few months to a year to build. Usually, manufacturers offer a professional team who can assemble the product and you can start using it instantly. The other option is to install the product yourself, as the installation instructions are really clear and easy to follow.

Better insulation: Prefabricated log cabins are manufactured with better insulation. The increased U-values of these structures help to you save on your heating and cooling costs.

No settling: The construction is made with roof reinforcements and a center beam to minimize the chances of settling. A stacked log structure can settle approximately 6 inches. The process has to be monitored for a few years after the assembly and the construction adjusted if needed. Because of the settling the doors and windows cannot open or close.

Less cracking: The best companies manufacture their products with full length logs, which are carefully chosen and have less than 19% moisture content.

Better protection from insects: Prefabricated houses are made in the factory and as an outcome they have improved protection from insects. Due to this, you do not need to expend a lot of effort to protect your wooden structure from bugs and termites.

Tightly sealed: The building is constructed using modern technology: tongue and groove boards are used and finger-joint windows and doors prevent the cold weather from entering the log cabin.

Easy to design: You can design your log cabin in any way you want. You have all the flexibility and freedom to choose the features of your residential log house, like the size, number of rooms and stories along with everything else.

System built: Manufacturers use professional craftsmen to make sure that the logs are perfectly cut as per the industry requirements, making installation easier. Quality is carefully monitored at every stage.

Less on-site waste: The components which are pre-built and pre-cut leave minimum debris on-site. The package contains only the required items for the building to be finished: walls, flooring, windows, doors, etc.

Enormous choice: There are so many different designs, colors and sizes available on the market, so it is easy to find the required product. The different types of wood make prices affordable for a lower budget as well. The most popular options of wood are as follows: spruce, pine, cedar and fir.

More environmentally friendly: Already built log cabins are made from renewable and recycled materials and this requires less energy, causing less pollution. These types of houses are more environmentally friendly than traditional buildings.

Pocket friendly: The price of an already built log cabin is much lower than a handcrafted log cabin. They can be altered easily as well.

All these advantages should be considered before investing in a new house. Buying kits with prepared logs is easier and you can have a superior visual and technical result.

5 thoughts on “Advantages of prefabricated log cabins”

  • It is really nice how you said that modern cabins are made with modern technology which means that the cold weather cannot enter. My wife and I have really wanted to have a nice getaway in the mountains but we really really don't want to get cold. Having a well-made cabin to stay in would be super nice!

  • I'm glad that your article mentions how prefabricated does not mean that they are of lower quality. My husband and I are interested in owning a log home in the future. We'll be sure to get into contact with service providers in the future to determine what the cost for their services would be.

  • That's cool that prefabricated cabins would be less vulnerable to insects. I feel like a wood cabin would be pretty susceptible to termites, so it would be nice to not have to worry about those. I should take a look into getting a prefabricated cabin since I am considering getting one up in the mountains to take my kids to this summer.

  • Hi,
    My son is looking to build on some land near Flagstaff AZ. Can you deliver there?
    Looking for something in the 1500 to 2400 sq ft size.

    Please let me know.
    Thank you,

  • Thanks for mentioning that log cabins have great insulation! My wife and I want to rent a cabin in the mountains for our anniversary, but we don't want to be cold as we do so. We'll be sure to keep your tips in mind as we find a wood cabin to rent!

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