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Mobile Home Maintenance in Spring

When you think about spring, many things come to mind. Flowers, Easter, and even cleaning are common associations with this season. However, preparing your mobile house for warm weather goes beyond the annual clean. Unfortunately, many owners and renters do not understand what it takes to keep their mobile home in tiptop shape.


Whether uninformed or just lazy, the neglect will lead to a greater headache down the road. Not to say anything about the cost! It is always cheaper to nip issues at the bud. If you haven’t been the most faithful mobile home maintainer, don’t worry too much. It is never too late to start! Today we are going to walk you through the most important areas of your home for spring upkeep.

Mobile House Preservation 101

The same way your car needs special upkeep for the change in seasons, so does your mobile house. The drastic temperature change from cold to hot can have a detrimental effect. There are important things to do inside and outside of your home to prepare for the upcoming change in weather.



If you wintered in your mobile house, chances are you relished the heat. Unless you live in the tropics, chances are your furnace worked overtime. Before we start abusing using our air conditioner, we need to do some preventative maintenance.

  • Filter – Filters are extremely important to keep the air in your mobile home clean. Although some filters claim to last 6 months, it is useful to check at 3 months. Some experts say to check monthly. Although it may seem like overkill, warmer weather brings more things to clog your filter such as pollen. There is really no reason to have a filter if you aren’t going to change it regularly.
  • Air ducts – The air ducts are another household area that often gets overlooked for cleaning. However, it is important to have ducts that are free of debris and dust. Even if the air filter catches the bad stuff on the way in, the vents re-contaminate the air on the way out. You can either hire a professional, or flush the system yourself using a compressor.
  • Thermostat – Check the battery in your mobile house’s thermostat!

thermostat-check-mobile-home (1)

Windows and Doors

Even during a thorough spring cleaning, windows and doors are frequently overlooked. Don’t make this mistake! The glass isn’t usually what gets forgotten. It is the space between the panes that needs work. Wash the frames of your windows and doors well, and inspect them for any cracks or other damage. This is a prime area for insects and water to make their way inside. If there are issues, caulk may get the job done. On the other hand, putting off a new window could result in mold and insect infestation.



The outside of the mobile home has its own set of HVAC maintenance. Check the belt for signs of damage such as cracking. Also make sure the belt is on tight. If everything seems fine, give it a quick wash to get all of the winter gunk off.


The roof is arguably the most important part of your mobile home. It keeps you dry, warm, and safe. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the biggest problem areas. So, get out the ladder and get up close and personal to check for any damages!

  • Clean off any leftover snow and debris. If you have a metal roof, make sure the coating is still shiny. Shingles require a close look and replacement for any that are missing or damaged.
  • While you are on the ladder, check to see if any nearby branches pose a threat to your mobile home. If they do, it should be taken care of immediately.
  • Inspect the flashings (the corners where the roof meets). Flashings also include the area around your mobile home’s vents. These places are prime areas for debris to pile up and water to seep in.
  • Clean the gutters. Make sure all of the leftover leaves, sticks, and other materials are out. By the time you are finished, there should be no clogs. Any unattached gutters should be reattached using epoxy. If you want to check before spring storms hit, use the garden hose for a trial run.



This is one of the biggest maintenance issues. In fact, many homes have gaps in their skirting and it can be tempting to go without. However, the proper placement is necessary to keep your mobile house’s belly warm and safe.

Without skirting, animals and debris have the opportunity to make their home underneath yours. This can turn into a nightmare scenario fast. Some pests have been known to find ways into your mobile through the underbelly. Do you really want a hole in your floor? Are you prepared crawl under your house to clean up a dead animal?


Correct placement is important to ensure cool temperatures in the summer months. The skirting works as an insulator against heat. Not only that, but it allows air to ventilate creating a path of cool air under the home. All of this works together to keep the heat from outside where it belongs.

Un-winterize If you changed anything about your mobile home for the winter, be sure to change it back. If you have turned off any water, it’s time to turn it back on. At this point, it should be warm enough to turn off the electric pipe heater. Finally, tighten any tie-downs that you loosed up for winter. There may be more things than what we have covered. Everyone prepares for the cold season differently, so make a list of what you need to un-winterize.

Say Yes! To Spring Mobile House Maintenance

One of the greatest responsibilities you have to your mobile home is upkeep. The cost of 1 weekend a month is nothing compared to the benefit of proper preservation. If you treat your home well, it will be good back in the form of less costly repairs less often.

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