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Log cabin heating: Fireplace or electric heating

Now that it is winter time and you are going to be spending time indoors or on holidays, do you know how you are going to keep warm? Let’s say you have a log cabin, whether it is one bedroom, something fancier with a more simple look, some with two mid-sized rooms, three rooms or a log cabin that’s more house than a cabin. What’s best to heat up your log cabin, a fireplace or electric heating?


Fireplaces can come in two forms, the old style wood fireplace that has a chimney requires you to collect and chop wood, and preparation for use. One of the advantages of an old style wood fireplace is that you do not need electricity or gas to have it running. If there’s an issue with your utility connection, you can still warm your log cabin (click here) up.

A gas fireplace has advantages over the wood fireplace. Firstly, you do not need ventilation in the form of a chimney. You can turn up and down the temperature with a remote and the stove is always ready to go as long as the gas is working. If the gas is not working for whatever reason, you are not going to be able to use the fireplace, which means it will be time to get the blankets out. If you want to change from a wood fireplace to a gas fireplace, it is not that difficult a job to change it up.

The upfront cost of a gas fireplace is more expensive as there’s much work involved in the installation. In the end, gasoline is the costly option, while a vent with a very short flue is cheaper in the long run, with the cost of gas being less than electricity, you will save money (This depends on where you are, though).

A gas fireplace uses actual fire to heat the room. The safety of a gas fireplace depends on the quality of the installation. If you have someone who installs the device up to code, then you will not have a problem. If you try to do it yourself and don’t know what you are doing, you could make a terrible mistake. The cost of having an expert come in to install a gas fireplace means the initial value of the device ends up being close to the electric option.


Gas fireplaces use ceramic logs and either natural or propane gas. It is recommended to check the code of your local area to make sure everything is above board.

Electric fireplaces rely on an electrical connection – So, again, if you do not have electricity for some reason, you can not heat your room. These types of fireplaces can give off a look and feel of a wooden fireplace, are cheaper to upfront than a gas option and less work than a wood fireplace. The heat emitted from an electric fireplace can go from room to room using fans.

The maintenance of an electric fireplace makes it a desirable option, especially over the busy Christmas period there’s all these other things to worry about, and you do not want to add heating on top of presents, Christmas dinner and all the things that come with the holidays.

Upfront costs of electric fireplaces are less expensive than gas fireplaces, but in the long run are more costly to run due to the cost of electricity. You do not need ventilation or a flue, to install all you do is plug it in, and it works right away. Easy installation is perfect if you like things to be simple. It always means you can move the electric fireplace around your log cabin, great if you have multiple rooms, you can go from the living area to the bedroom with the heating coming with you.

Electric fireplaces do not use real flames but generate heat to warm up the room. There are no flames and are often made from materials that don’t conduct heat. They are nearly impossible to store incorrectly and are safe for kids and pets – They will not accidentally burn themselves or cause an accident.


There are different electric fireplaces available. A wall mount electric fireplace is similar in design to a traditional wood fireplace, giving off a good feel and vibe to a room. There’s a range of styles, so you can find one that suits your log cabin to a T. Space is saved, and smaller areas like condominiums, little log cabins, and apartments are great options for a wall mount electric fireplace. A big plus is that electric fireplaces are environmentally friendly as they do not release carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.

The plugin variety of electric fireplaces is an electric fireplace insert. There’s a range of designs, and they can be put in cabinets, media centers or bookcases. If you want to install the electric fireplace to be hardwired into the electrical system, there’s the ability to use a dual voltage option. This option provides higher heat and lowers electricity costs. If you want to create a unique atmosphere, you can have the flame on without any heat.

Gas fireplaces are best for larger rooms, and electric fireplaces are recommended for smaller rooms. The design and look of the fireplace are up to you. How much you want to spend up front and over the long term could be a decision to think about. In a log cabin, choosing the right form of heating for yourself and your family is essential. You do not want your getaway ruined by the cold, and you want Christmas dinner to be perfect.


In the end, the decision comes down to you. Do you want something that feels more romantic and traditional or one that’s designed more with today’s style in mind? Do you want to go for style and look, or for efficiency? Both will warm you up on those cold winter nights, and you will be spending Christmas with family in a log cabin in fantastic comfort.

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