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How to use a Christmas tree after the holidays?

Now that Christmas is over, if you have spent time in your log cabin over the jolly seasons, you have probably got a Christmas tree that you do not know what to do with it now it is all over.

1) Replanting your Christmas tree

Purchasing a Christmas tree that you can replant around your log cabin can add a charm to your property and give you memories that stay with you. Replanting a tree is not too complicated. Using a potted evergreen is possible in the winter months, with a bit of knowledge. Get the tree as close as you can to Christmas, and do not wait to plant it after the holiday. Trees do best when they spend less time indoors and are planted in the ground as soon as possible.

Prepare the ground before you dig to remove any obstacles like ice or snow from getting in your way. Do this before the ice gets too hard. Otherwise, there will be no way to replant the tree. Remember to allow the tree to get used to the climate by letting it sit in a cooler spot. Use mulch to retain moisture and protect the tree with pallets of what you have around.

2) Using the tree in your garden

There are a variety of ways you can use the tree in your garden. The tree is natural, so you can use it as mulch to help your garden grow. Composting the tree is a long-lasting method always to have something to put on your garden. A chopped Christmas tree can be used for edges as decoration, to protect delicate plants or as wooden markers. By safeguarding delicate flowers, an evergreen tree can help remove the chance of winter freezes and spring thaws by keeping the temperature steady.

Something innovative if you live near a river is to use the tree as a fish sanctuary. A good idea if you are like fishing or just want to be able to watch fish near the shore.

3) Decorate your log cabin with your tree

Decorating your log cabin with your Christmas tree can add a beautiful feel to your stay. Pine needles give the cabin a winter freshness that lasts for months. Put them in a unique sachet and use in areas like the kitchen or bathroom to add to your comfort. Chop and stain the wood to make coasters. If you are handy and have a little know-how, you can burn your design on to the coasters. Use them in your cabin, create personalized ones to give gifts or make special ones to commemorate each Christmas you spend at your cabin.

4) Use the tree as mulch or firewood

Using the tree as mulch or firewood is not as romantic as the options above, but it is a practical choice on how to reuse your Christmas tree. Consider buying a mulcher if you have the extra funds, hire a mulcher from a store or get a professional in mulch the evergreen for you. Use the mulch in the garden to maintain a healthy water level and to control moisture.

Burning the tree means preparation. Chop the tree into pieces small enough for your fireplace or wood burner. Be sure to wait for the wood to dry, as moist lumber has trouble burning. Evergreens are recommended to be used in larger cabins or outside. The trees burn fast and let loose a high temperature. This quick burn is due to the sap being flammable, so the timber goes alight to keep you warm outside during winter nights. The ash from the burnt tree can be used as soil in your garden or scattered around the environment to help the natural fauna grow.

5) Attract with a bird sanctuary

Like the fish sanctuary idea, turning your old Christmas tree into a bird sanctuary will bring birds and other animals into your life. A great idea if it will attract friendly animals, but know your area to find out if the tree might bring in predators. One bird will come and live in the tree, followed by other birds who make their home from your gift to them. Bring in the birds by using bird feeders and bird feeders. Popcorn and orange slices are great for attracting birds and be sure that all the decorations like tinsel and baubles are removed to avoid harming the birds.

6) Recycling your Christmas tree

If you do not want to do anything with your tree but cannot let it rot, think about using a tree recycling service. This service is accessible, and most likely there is someone in your area will become and pick up your tree or accept delivery of the tree. The tree will be turned into mulch, used as soil erosion barriers, rebuild coastal walls and dunes or being replanted by an organization to have trees for the future. Depending on your area will determine what organizations and schemes are available for you to use. Sometimes, a boy scout group or non-profit organization will pick up the tree for a small donation or the local government could have an initiative that benefits the community.

Avoiding the trees ending up at the landfill or on the street is a way to reuse and recycle in your log cabin. Evergreens add to the feel and freshness of the cabin, inside and out, all year around. There are a lot more uses for old Christmas trees, the suggestions above are the basis upon which to build and use your creativity to give yourself memories worth having for years to come.

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