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We are currently expanding our presence in EU markets and do not operate in the US. For B2B enquiries, please write us at

Introducing our branch in the US!


Pineca Group is one of the largest companies in Europe manufacturing and selling more than 100 different design products. The group boasts over 100,400 satisfied clients in Europe and more than 300 customers overseas as well.  Pineca Group is currently expanding its operations to introduce the highest quality to its customers in the United States.


Pineca Group was established almost 25 years ago in 1993 as a family-run business in Lithuania, when it started manufacturing wooden windows and doors before expanding to produce wooden constructions, such as wooden sheds, residential cabins, garages, and pallets. Over this period Pineca has garnered a proven track record in providing outstanding service and the best quality.  Pineca Group consists of 7 companies concentrated on 6 markets: the United States of America, France, Great Britain, Norway, Italy and Lithuania. We also ship to customers all over the world.



The team is pleased to introduce our products to the customers of the USA. After having already sold and shipped numerous products overseas and with more and more people getting in touch with us about our services, we are now embarking on our new venture ‒ Our company is ready to offer wooden sheds, log cabins, garages and carports.

Whether you are not sure about the design or possibly the standard options do not meet your required dimensions, we can find the solution with our specialist design team. We can manufacture the design from your sketch or adjust any of our standard models.



All our products are manufactured using Nordic pine and slow-grown Scandinavian spruce which guarantees high density and superior quality. We have the utmost faith in the products we sell, so we offer a 10 year anti-rot and anti-mold guarantee on all our products made of not less than 44mm thickness logs. All our windows and doors are manufactured and installed using finger joint technology which gives enough space for the natural expansion of wood that occurs over the different seasons and weather conditions.  In addition, our shed cabins and residential cabins come with a 20mm tongue and groove floor to give a great finish not only in terms of quality but design as well.

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